Allegheny Chapter

Angela Yost
University of Pittsburgh

President Elect
Diane Turner
University of Pittsburgh

Immediate Past President
Thomas Berkhoudt
UPMC/University of Pittsburgh

Aniko Nalevanko
University of Pittsburgh

Michelle Jarvis
University of Pittsburgh

The Allegheny area consists of an approximate 150-mile radius of Pittsburgh, PA. The geographic boundaries are the Ohio state line to the West; Elkins, West Virginia to the South; Hancock, Maryland to the Southeast; University Park, PA to the Northeast; and Lake Erie and the New York state line to the North.

Allegheny Chapter Past Presidents

2017-2018 Thomas Berkhoudt
2016-2017 Carol Miller
2015-2016 Julie Throckmorton
2012-2013 Rene Hearns
2011-2012 Sophie Parks
2010-2011 Nancy Cruishank
2009-2010 Nancy Cruishank
2008-2009 Audrey Portis
2006-2007 Sandy Brenner Hill
2000-2001 Rebecca Claycamp
1997-1999 Jennifer Morgan