Delaware Valley Chapter

Debra Sokalczuk
University of Pennsylvania

President Elect
Cheryl Forst
Rutgers State University of New Jersey

Immediate Past President
Paula Bistak
Rutgers State University of New Jersey

Reuel Mebuin
Rutgers State University of New Jersey

Denise Scala
University of Pennsylvania

The Delaware Valley Chapter has cancelled its June 18, 2018 meeting at the Camden Campus Center at Rutgers University.

The Delaware Valley area consists of 60-mile radius around Philadelphia, PA. The geographic boundaries are the counties from eastern Pennsylvania, northern Delaware and central and southern New Jersey.

Delaware Valley Past Presidents

2017-2018 Cliff Schofield
2016-2017 Paula Bistak
2015-2016 Donna Hoagland
2014-2015 Camie Morrison
2013-2014 Evelyn Ford
2012-2013 Portia Garvey
2011-2012 Anne Martella
2010-2011 Anna Wong
2009-2010 Trudy Riley
2008-2009 Alex Sheppard
2007-2008 Cliff Schofield