Education Division

The purpose of the Education Division is to assure that the programmatic and educational activities of the Society meet the needs and interests of its members and other research administrators working in all academic settings, including all public and private colleges and universities, university hospitals, and academic departments or schools, and whenever possible the needs and interests of these organizations. The Education Division shall assist in fulfilling the mission of The Society by promoting the programmatic activities of the Society and the effectiveness of research administration by:

  • Promoting the exchange of information among research administrators whose interest is in research administration in the area of higher education research administration, through individual contacts, professional presentations, formal and informal meetings, publications, and in supporting or facilitation of the administration of research through the provision of products and services to research administrators;

  • Conducting research and making recommendations in the area of the administration of research as it applies academic settings, and particularly to higher education institutions;

  • Developing and promoting professional standards for research administration in academic organizations;

  • Improving communications and relations between researchers, host institutions  and organizations, the sponsors of research, research administrators, and the  general public; and

  • Such other activities as the membership of the Education Division shall adopt consistent with the bylaws of The Society.

President of Large University
Ellen Zavala
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
President of PUI
Nancy Cruikshank
Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania