Research Administration in Healthcare Systems and Hospitals

February 26 - February 27, 2018
Hyatt Centric at Fisherman's Wharf
San Francisco, CA

The Research Administration in Healthcare Systems and Hospitals theme meeting is for research administrator professionals who manage research, or have a role in managing research, in a hospital and/or healthcare system. 

The 2-day intensive program provides unique insight into research operations in these environments where research activities exist side by side with clinical operations and both have a focus to improve the lives of patients and populations served. Research compliments clinical operations, clinical outcomes and healthcare missions, but research in these environments can pose interesting and unique challenges. Some of the challenges are: making research processes work in non-research environments, research compliance, internal controls, research education, research collaborations and institutional readiness.

The content for this program is based on the perspectives of research administrative professionals who work, or have worked, in the hospital and healthcare environment.

The following is a high level summary of what will be covered:

  1. The research organization and research prioritization within healthcare system operations for maximum effectiveness,
  2. Institutional research readiness for operational/organizational effectiveness for ensuring compliant operations, and
  3. Research resources, gaps and solutions


  • Organizational Roles/Responsibilities
  • Pre-Award Research Administration Overview
  • Who is Conducting the Research? Investigator initiated research and sponsored research
  • Award Acceptance and Contracting
  • Financial Management 
  • Clinical Trails Workflows and Operations
  • Workforce Development


  • Subject Recruiting, Informed Consent, Payments to Subjects
  • IRB and Privacy Institutional Oversight and Reviews
  • Research Compliance and Education
  • Writing SOPs
  • Samples, Data Management and Transfers
  • Research Metrics