SRAI International Section Meeting - Program



The convention will comprise a stimulating mix of instructive webinars and interactive workshops focused on professional development, supported by personal development sessions to nurture the talents and potential of attendees and to facilitate worldwide employability.

The program will cover the four required and three elective sessions for SRAI’s Introduction to Research Administration and Management (IRAM) certificate. The workshop required for this certificate will take place in two four-hour sittings in the two days ahead of VICRA.

In the four hours per day, there will be four concurrent sessions over three days, with a stimulating keynote to start each day: three plenaries plus 36 presentations and/or workshops in seven streams.

The Seven Streams

  1. Accessibility and Pitfalls of International Funding
  2. From Innovation to Research Impact Assessment
  3. From Networking to Collaboration
  4. Personal Development
  5. Research Administration as a Profession
  6. Research Integrity - Responsible Conduct of Research
  7. Understanding Research and Researchers