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How do you write an essay? How is it different from an essay? Examples of essays:
An essay will not be difficult for people who already have experience in writing such texts. However, schoolchildren (schoolchildren rarely get such assignments), who will have to do it for the first time, are puzzled by a lot of questions. And this is basically true, because the essay is a special genre, distinguished by its peculiarity, when observing it is worth paying attention to.

Essayi means "composition" in French. Simply put, it is a work that expresses the author's personal thoughts on a particular subject. Students find the essay genre convenient because it has to be small. And it is not necessary to think too much about the style of writing, because here you can express your emotional experiences, feelings and emotions. The story should be easy և simple, without unnecessary artistic "water" figures. An essay can be considered successful if everyone who reads or listens to it simply did not understand what the author wrote, but felt it. It is very possible to express his thoughts in such a way that it is clear to everyone what issue the author is discussing, what is the essence, the meaning: the text: message.

The essay should first begin with an understanding of the topic. Students are often allowed to choose from several existing ones, and sometimes on their own. However, the problem does not change. You need to get the gist, to understand the problem in order to properly communicate your thoughts to the reader.

A literature review can be written on topics of love, friendship, relationships, birthplace, war, crisis, politics, etc. etc. It should be something that the person has feelings for, has something to say. Because if the topic is not chosen by itself, nothing good can come out of it. A person will write as if from under a stick, and the result is nothing.

But sometimes essayshark gets an order to write a work of reading. To make it easier. In other words, you have to give your opinion about what you read, justify it. Whether you like it or not, whether one agrees with the author or not, the main thing is to write your vision, to argue about what was said. There is only one rule: do not repeat the arguments of the author.

Serious topics:
For example, let's say you write an essay on "War". Few people will remain indifferent to such a topic. And with this, too, has its own difficulties. The fact is that when a person experiences strong emotionsար a rich gamut of emotions, it becomes difficult to express them. I can't find the words to fully convey what I want to say. What is the best way to begin an essay on "War"? A good introduction would be an expression that goes something like this: "War is great sorrow. Tears, tragedies, thousands of victims ... The war touched everyone. No one was spared from this bloody catastrophe. Mothers lost sons. Wives lost husbands. And children never saw their fathers before. This short paragraph contains all the stylistic peculiarities of essays. There is charm, there is emotion, there are no artistic excesses like "water." It is desirable to write in this spirit of all the others.

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