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Thesis statement examples for writing an essay introduction.

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There are certain things that can make the process of writing an essay easy. The first thing that you should do when you are given a writing assignment is to understand the type of essay that you have to write. This way, you will understand how you should process the information in your essay and from which sources you should collect the information to include in your essay.

Another thing that plays an important role in making the essay writing process easier is choosing a good topic. When an essay writer has a good topic on his hands, he can write an essay.

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Descriptive essay topics on geography and travel.

The most exciting cruise

The most beautiful place in the world

Top 10 tourist destinations in Europe

The most attractive places in Asia

The wonders of Australia and New Zealand

A trip to space

The beauty of the starry sky

What can an astronaut see?

An expedition to the Himalayas

An adventure in the Andes

Iceland, another world

The Northern Lights and their beauty

Canadian white nights

A sailor: a day on a boat

In the heart of Africa

Descriptive essay topics on history

Julius Caesar: the legendary general

Napoleon: the king of Europe

The Mayflower - the voyage of hope

Ordinary Americans and the War of Independence

The tragedy of Pearl Harbor

The most important event in our history

The greatest person in our history

A visit to the Museum of History

A history lesson - a life lesson

A Pirate of the Caribbean

The Ottoman Empire

Remains of Buddha

The oldest mummy ever found

The world's first coin

The Mongols

We hope these topics will help you in writing your descriptive essay. As a student, it may be impossible to do all the tasks by yourself. In this case, you should just write "college essay examples" like a professional essay writer.

Descriptive essay topics about memories

A warm winter evening

A fairy tale from my childhood

A hot summer day

A day at school

A teacher

A Christmas story

My childhood

An exciting picnic with my parents

A day at the beach

My favorite animal

A day with my childhood friends

The day someone proposed to me.

A walk to remember.

My first day at school.

My first prom night.

Descriptive essay topics about television, literature, and art.

A movie from a popular series.

A newscaster to remember for a lifetime

Favorite children's movie

An interesting poem

A daring novel

A writer who inspires you

A bookstore

A painting

A museum

A kind of dance you like

Art is food for the soul.

Art helps against depression.

The most inspiring television show.

Abstract art is the best kind of art.

Your favorite comedy drama series.

Descriptive essay topics about everyday life

Time spent at the grocery store.

On the way to school.

On the way to my workplace.

This is what my usual day looks like

When I visit my neighbors

A day spent fishing

Cooking is my favorite hobby.

My favorite sporting activity.

How I spend time with my better half.

The time of the day I hate.

My bedtime routine.

My morning routine.

What I have in my bag every day.

My workout routine.

How I prepare my favorite snacks.

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