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What is a book report?

This seems like a simple question, but the fact of the matter is many people get a book report confused with a book review or book summary. While there are similar aspects to these types of essays, there are distinct differences. Book reports are written in an objective voice, providing a basic plot summary, as well as analysis of different themes seen throughout the work. In this type of report, you simply report factual information gleaned from the book.

When writing a book review, personal opinions are a defining feature. A book review will also include a brief synopsis of the work, but it also includes the opinion of the reader. Whether or not the reader felt the book was good or not, and a subjective analysis of characters or themes within the book. A book summary is simply a plot overview of the book without any analysis or opinion.

Therefore writing a book report is not as simple as it seems. You can spend a huge amount of time and efforts to write it yourself but you can also make an order and get help from professional writers.

 Book Categories

 Report writing of this kind is very dependent on the type of book you are writing about. Generally, the books you will be asked to report on will fall into one of four book categories. Reports for each of these categories require slightly different ways of synthesizing and presenting your understanding of the information within your paper.

 What follows are the four main categories of books you will be asked to write on, and the general way of going about analyzing your particular work.



Biography or Autobiography

This is a work that is written about the life of a person. In this type of book report, you are generally asked to provide an overview of the person’s life. It is advised that you find their greatest contribution, explain what it is they did, and why it made said contribution. It is also important to note the strengths, as well as the weaknesses of the individual you are writing your report on.


What is being explained in this book? Does it have a historical context? For example, if you are writing a report on a book about the history of a country, what are the most important things the book describes? What are your feelings about said subject?



When writing a report on a fiction book, you must analyze the book content for more than just factual information. You will need to provide a basic overview of the plot of the book, as well as descriptions of the main characters. Describe what parts of the book you could most relate with, as well as which parts were most difficult for you to understand. Did you have a favorite character in the book? If so, why?


These type of books generally help you to learn how to do something. You will need to describe what is being taught in the book. It is also important to talk about what aspects of the book you found most helpful and why. Look for deficiencies and note anything that you thought needed further explanation, or show us how you would have presented it better.


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