Election Process Changes

by rhearns1@gmail.com on Thursday, December 21, 2017

Fiscal year 2017 was a year of many changes for our Society and I want to bring to your attention the change in the election process. You may have read about this in the November Catalyst issue’s article View from the Top: Summary of Your Board’s Activities. This change is a result of the culmination of work over numerous years by the Board of Directors and Headquarters’ staff and works to fulfill Goal V. Streamline and enhance organization structure of SRAI’s Strategic Plan

Beginning this year, SRAI will hold only two elections a year for all units of SRAI with revised Bylaws. The first election will be for all US sections, chapters, and divisions with revised Bylaws.  The nominations are now required in January of the year the winners will take office. The second election will be for the Board of Directors and International elections that is held in summer each year. 

Why did this change occur? Because SRAI has a small staff and has six (6) sections, twelve (12) active chapters, and four (4) divisions that previously held elections at different times of year, the Board decided to harmonize the bylaws of all units and reduce the number of elections.  Instead of having elections between 45-120 days prior to a meeting per the unit’s bylaws, the call for nominees will go out twice annually. This greatly reduces the number of staff hours required to organize, accept nominations, review for acceptability, open elections, close elections, verify the results, and execute paperwork for 23 different elections involving 40 separate positions throughout the year to 2 separate elections involving 40 separate positions a year.

Why consider a leadership position? Being part of SRAI’s leadership at any level is very rewarding. I (Rene Hearns, SRAI Treasurer, 2nd term) have held both elected and appointed positions at the chapter, section, and SRAI levels. These experiences taught me many skills and afforded me the privilege of meeting colleagues for which I would never have met. The experiences provided the foundation that took my career from a lower level administrator to directorship and beyond. During this season of love and thanksgiving, I will never be able to express my gratitude to SRAI for the enrichment our colleagues have provided me.

You will find more election information here.

Rene [Hearns]

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