Note from the Editor: Happy Holidays from the Catalyst Committee

by on Thursday, December 21, 2017

To the SRAI Community:

As we prepare for the end of the 2017, we would like to wish everyone a joyful and restful holiday season and new year.

For us personally, the last 12 months as Editors of the Catalyst have been incredibly busy, yet also immensely enjoyable and fulfilling. We have appreciated the warm welcome we received from all committee members. We are a community that is responsive, relevant and ready to help each other to excel professionally, support the profession of research administration and work together to achieve the success of our association, the Society of Research Administrators International, while the Catalyst brings you all the relevant information.

Beginning with the spring and continuing through the summer and fall, we feel much has been accomplished:

  • The Catalyst committee welcomed US this year, the 2 new editors: Seema Dhindaw and Katie Watkins (read more about both of us in the upcoming new column in January: Leadership Spotlights). And the committee welcomed six (6) new about them in the November issue.
    • The committee introduced at the beginning of the year a new format for the newsletter and the monthly email notifications.
    • Old columns were invigorated:
      • The Pulse and Background Noise made their big come back to the Catalyst with Zoya Davis-Hamilton and Sarah Marina
      • View from the Top, coming from the Board of Directors
  • New columns that were introduced this year:
    • Note from the Editor
    • "A Day in the Work-life of an SRAI Member” Series
    • Professional Development Insights
    • Membership Updates
    • Employee Spotlights

And we are steadily working on new initiatives and updates around the Catalyst. We are grateful for the commitment of the committee, SRAI members and our colleagues who have chosen to support the Catalyst and SRAI. All of you have shown yourselves to be strongly engaged with the mission and goals of the Society, and everyone's contributions and good wishes and support have been very important to both of us.

In this spirit, we wish each of you an enjoyable and safe upcoming Holiday season in the company of friends, family and loved ones, and hope everyone finds time to relax, have fun, and renew themselves for the new year.






Seema Dhindaw & Katie Watkins


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