Congratulations to DARMA's New President

by SRA International on Wednesday, January 9, 2019

DARMA has a New President

Our sister society, DARMA - The Danish Association of Research Managers and Administrators - has a new President:  Annedorte Vad, who is also serving on the board of Directors of SRAI and is the former President of the SRAI International Section.

With Annedorte volunteering in both associations we hope for a continued strong collaboration with our Danish colleagues and a stronger tie to Europe. Of the things that Annedorte is working for in DARMA two are very relevant to SRAI and could bring DARMA members and SRAI members closer for a valuable exchange of best practice.

Annedorte is focusing on more collaboration with international sister societies and a continued professional program throughout the year including workshops, seminars, study tours, which could also benefit SRAI members – through Annedorte you could find a place for a short-term placement in a Danish research organization and co-financing for your travel can be applied for with the RAMP scholarship, offered by SRAI.

Annedorte was on the board of DARMA 2009-2013 where she arranged a number of study tours in Europe for the DARMA members. Perhaps this would be of interest to SRAI members too who have an interest in the European funding system and research area.

For SRAI Annedorte has also arranged a few popular study tours in North America and the future could bring even more. The study tours give a great opportunity to meet colleagues on their home turf and have a first-hand experience of other research organizations and how they are organized and supported

Annedorte welcomes your input. Feel free to reach out at