SRAI Awards

2019 SRAI Awards Nomination Process

The nomination process is held in two (2) separate steps:

Step 1: Submit an application form.
Step 2: If selected to proceed to Step 2, the nominator will be notified.

Please note that the SRAI Annual Meeting Scholarship opens in June and has a separate application process.

Important Dates

  • Deadline to submit nomination form by Monday, May 20
  • If selected, nominators are supplied with the Step 2 application form by: Monday, June 17
  • Deadline to submit Step 2 application form: Tuesday, July 8
  • Award winners notified by SRA International’s President, Kim C. Carter by Friday, August 26

Information for the Nominator 

  • All nominees must be nominated by a current SRA International member.
  • A nominator may only submit one nominee for each award. For the Excellence Award, a nominator may only submit one nominee for each category.  
  • As a nominator, if you wish to remain anonymous in your nomination, an SRA International staff member will request the nominee’s CV without disclosing your name or the name of the award they are being nominated for. This will be done upon request after your nomination has been accepted to move to Step 2. 
  • A person may receive only one of the below SRA International awards in a given year. If one person is nominated for two awards, the committee chair will contact the nominators to determine the most appropriate award category.

Please note: Other awards overseen by SRA International not listed below, such as the Symposium, Best Concurrent Session & Webinar; Rod Rose Awards and MVE; Speaker Travel Scholarships and RAMP, are organized through an entirely separate nominations process and do not pertain to this announcement.

SRAI Award Categories

The Herbert B. Chermside Award for Distinguished Contribution to Research Administration
To showcase distinguished contributions in the development of research administration as a profession. The contributions may be in the form of any of the following: 1. Publications in management and research administration journals; 2. Speeches concerning research administration before major organizations; 3. Service on committees or agencies which have had a direct and positive impact on research administration; or 4. Any other activity which has contributed to the development of research administration as a profession. Nominations for the award are solicited from leaders in colleges and universities, industry, government and the SRA International membership. The nominee must have been involved in research administration for at least 15 years. The nominee does not need to be an SRA International member. The nominator must be a current SRA International member.

Hartford-Nicholsen Award
Established to recognize SRA members whose services demonstrate leadership in the Society, and who have made a major, distinguishable contribution which has been of benefit to the entire Society. Until 1973, this award was entitled the Distinguished Service Award and is still rooted in the critical importance of SRA International as a group of volunteers. Individuals who are nominated for this award have contributed their professional expertise to the Society in an important and fundamental way. The nominee must be a current SRA International member, nominated by a current SRA International member.

Excellence Award
Recognizes up to three SRA members who have excelled in meeting the Society's purpose of expanding the knowledge and tools of research administration as a newcomer (less than 5 years), mid-career (5 – 10 years) or advanced professional (more than 10 years). The nominee must be a current SRA International member, nominated by a current SRA International member.

The Technology Innovation and Application Award
To showcase and recognize innovations and applications in using technology tools in promoting, processing or advancing research administration work. Regardless of the media, innovations significantly move an office forward using the technologies that best reflect the goals proposed. The nominee may be an individual or team. Nominee(s) does not need to be an SRA International member. The nominator must be a current SRA International member.

The Partnership Award for International or Inter-collegiate Collaboration
To honor and recognize a partnership across institutions, national, or international borders. Nominee(s) demonstrates leadership and cooperation in overcoming barriers to work together as equal partners and in ways that serve as a model for collaborating with others toward shared and commonly held goals in research administration. Nominee(s) must be a current SRA International member. The nominator must be a current SRA International member.

John Robinson Travel Award
The John Robinson Travel Award provides funding for an SRA International member in his/her early-career to present at the SRAI Annual Meeting. Through this Award, SRA International acknowledges an endowment from John Robinson to honor his contributions to the Society by encouraging active participation of current SRAI members in the conference agenda. The John Robinson Award covers one (1) full Annual Meeting registration and up to $1,700 in funds. Award applications are reviewed and a decision is made on the basis of a successful submission to present at the SRA International Annual Meeting and on financial need. Applications are limited to current SRA International members that are in their early-career (5 years or less in the profession).

Annual Meeting Scholarship (opens in June)
The Annual Meeting Scholarships will allow two (2) recipients to benefit from leading edge education and networking opportunities offered at the Annual Meeting each year. The Annual Meeting Scholarship includes complimentary registration (pre-conference workshops and/or SRA International membership not included). The scholarship is open to everyone; both existing members and those who intend to join SRA International. Please note that the scholarship covers only the full meeting registration; full member SRA International dues are the responsibility of the applicant and must be paid in full prior to the meeting. The applicant must NOT be a prior recipient of any type of SRA International award or travel scholarship.

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