Research Administrators Mobility Program (RAMP)

Research Administrators Mobility Program (RAMP)

RAMP provides financial support to SRAI members to participate in short-term placements to enhance professional development. The goal of RAMP is to ensure funding for excellent and innovative research administration peer engagement. Opportunities for knowledge exchange through cross-border and cross-sector mobility of research administrators can better prepare SRAI members for current and future societal challenges.

SRAI Provides

  • 1 scholarship for up to $2,500 per person.

Eligibility/Requirements for participants*

To apply for a scholarship through the RAMP program:

  • The applicant must have been a Full Member of SRA International for at least three years at the time of application.*
  • The applicant will be solely responsible for making all arrangements associated with a short-term stay at a host institution.**
  • Upon receiving the scholarship, an awardee cannot submit again for three years.
  • Each applicant can submit one application per year.
  • Within three months after the conclusion of the exchange, the awardee must provide a Catalyst article about the experience program. Funds will be released upon acceptance of publication.

*SRAI is providing a financial support for SRAI members. 
**The applicant is responsible for all arrangements and documentation needed for the stay. Please communicate directly with the host institution to arrange all the details. SRAI will not make match decisions/recommendations.

Application Process for Participants

Complete the online application form with:

  • Personal statement of professional development goals.
  • Statement of need for funds and estimated expenses.
  • Supervisor recommendation letter.
  • Letter of commitment and agenda from the host institution.
  • Application open: January 1
  • Application deadline: Spring
  • Applications for review: Spring
  • Notifications: Spring/Summer