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Journal of Research Administration

Volume XLIX, Number 1 - Spring 2018

Nathan L. Vanderford
University of Kentucky

Change is also afoot at the Journal of Research Administration (Journal). This issue marks my beginning as the Journal’s new Editor-in-Chief. Likewise, I am happy to report that Jennifer Taylor has taken the reigns as the Journal’s new Deputy Editor.

Tim Linker, the previous Editor-in-Chief, has not gone far, as he will be remaining on the Journal's editorial board for the foreseeable future. Tim has served the Journal for over five years; first as an editorial board member, then as Deputy Editor, and...Read more.

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Note from the Editor: The Intersectionality of Gender and Race on Wage Disparities in Research Administration
In the May 2018 edition of the Catalyst, we took a close look at women in research administration (RA) and how they balance their roles as care givers/mothers with their work in RA. It is strikingly unfair that in 2018, women and ethnic minorities are still at a disadvantage in both representation and pay in the research administration workforce. ..Read more

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