Institutional Services

Institutional Services

Unlock your institution's full potential with SRAI's institutional services, designed to enhance staff expertise in research administration and management. Whether your team is new to this field or seasoned professionals, our services are customized to address diverse educational and developmental requirements, ensuring impactful growth at every level.

LevelUP Micro-credential Program

Offer LevelUP to your entire team! LevelUP consists of online courses through Modules and mGuides covering topics most relevant to the modern research administration professional, including pre-award administration, post-award finance, and regulatory and financial compliance. The courses can be completed any time, from any location, and learners are awarded micro-credentials for successful completion. 

True Fit Training

Tailor our intensives for your office. Either on-site at your institution or held virtually, bring our training to your team. SRAI's subject-matter experts collaborate closely with organizations to ensure that training content aligns perfectly with their specific objectives. Institutions benefit from significant cost savings on travel and accommodation while efficiently upskilling a large workforce.

Professional Assessment

SRAI provides in-depth professional assessments of research management operations at institutions, conducted by seasoned senior research administrators. By offering comprehensive reviews of policies, procedures, and practices, SRAI helps organizations identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement in their research management offices.

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