LevelUP Micro-credential Program

LevelUP your Career.
Make your professional growth priority number one with LevelUP Micro-credentials.

The LevelUP micro-credential program offers an exciting, unique training experience, through unparalleled access, engaging courses, and cutting edge educational design. Whether you are building the foundations for a solid career, enhancing your expertise in new areas, or maintaining CEUs for accreditation and professional excellence, LevelUP has the solution for your training needs. 

LevelUP consists of online courses through Modules and mGuides covering topics most relevant to the modern research administration professional, including pre-award administration, post-award finance, and regulatory and financial compliance. The courses can be completed any time, from any location, and you are awarded micro-credentials for successful completion. 


Visit our FAQ page to get your questions answered! For further questions, please contact LevelUP@srainternational.org.

A digital form of certification indicating demonstrated competency or mastery in a specific skill or set of skills.