Trainings and Conferences

Trainings and Conferences

Maximize your organization's potential with our educational programs, honing staff expertise in research administration and management. Whether novice or seasoned professional, SRAI's training and conferences are tailored to meet diverse educational and developmental needs.

Annual Meeting

Our 2024 Annual Meeting is heading to Chicago! Join us for the conference October 26-30, and sign up for extra learning with our pre-conference workshops. This meeting is guaranteed to have a vast slate of workshops, main events, educational tracks and social networking opportunities designed to fit our members' needs.

Financial Management Conference

The Financial Management Conference is an online event focusing on fiduciary responsibilities, approaches, and strategies for effective financial research administration. Tailored for central and departmental research administrators handling research finance and cost allocation for awards.

Coming February 2025

Intensive Training Programs

Intensive Training Programs offer focused professional growth opportunities for research administrators, catering to both novices and mid-level managers. Dive deep into current issues, best practices, and real-world challenges for immediate feedback and skill enhancement.

PI Intensive for New Faculty and Researchers

The PI Intensive is a 1.5-day comprehensive workshop in Chicago on October 24-25, 2024, empowering new faculty and researchers with essential skills for research careers. Led by renowned researchers, it benefits Senior Postdoctoral Fellows, Assistant Professors, and Faculty new to research.

Research Administration Conference 

The Research Administration Conference is an online event that offers one year’s worth of training in three days, with the flexibility to create your own schedule. Complete with networking opportunities, workshops, and multiple educational tracks, this event is one you won’t want to miss.

Coming April 2025

Section Meetings

One of SRAI's greatest strengths is its regional diversity. Sections host meetings yearly. Members can network with local peers as well attend inspiring education sessions.