Trainings and Conferences



SRAI’s training programs and conferences give research administrators & managers ways to connect, learn and advance their careers.

For organizations, the benefits lie in utilizing these educational programs to develop highly skilled staff teams that have mastered research administration & management competencies and are equipped to drive organizational success. If you are new to research administration & management or have years of experience, SRAI’s training programs and conferences are designed to meet your educational and professional development needs.

Virtual Financial Management Conference

The Financial Management Conference is an online training event that highlights the fiduciary responsibilities, approaches, processes, and strategies for effective financial research administration. The conference is targeted to central and departmental research administrators who manage research finance, allocate costs to research awards, or support financial operations.


Virtual Research Administration Conference 

The Research Administration Conference is an online event that offers one year’s worth of training in three days, with the flexibility to create your own schedule. Complete with networking opportunities, workshops, and multiple educational tracks, this event is one you won’t want to miss.


Intensive Training Programs

Intensive Training Programs provide an opportunity for research administrators to concentrate on a specific area that supports their professional growth. Whether you are new to the field with less than 2 years experience or a mid-level research manager there is always a need for professional growth. Discuss current issues, learn best practices, participate in real-world challenges and get immediate feedback in a deep-dive training format.


Section Meetings

One of SRAI's greatest strengths is its regional diversity. Sections host meetings yearly. Members can network with local peers as well attend inspiring education sessions.

Upcoming Training & Conferences