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SRAI’s monthly electronic newsletter, Catalyst, features insights from top professionals in research management and administration, informs readers of SRAI’s extensive conference and educational offerings, recognizes members for their achievements and provides a space to network and learn more about the structure, functions and people of SRAI. 

SRA International and the Catalyst team hopes you find this newsletter interesting and helpful in your efforts of providing support to research. We encourage you to collaborate, investigate and continue your efforts toward improving the quality of the academic and research environment both in the US and abroad. Visit our website for the most current information on meetings, policy, happenings and events.  

Recent Articles

  • Note from the Editor | Why SRAI? The diversity of SRAI's members, member organizations, and program offerings make us the premier research management society. But don't believe us, "hear" it from our peers! We asked 15 SRAI members Why SRAI? and Why they Volunteer?   and this is what they told us.  Marchon Jackson, BS,MBA,  Director of Sponsored read more

  • LevelUp: Propagating Professional Proficiency It has been almost 2 years since SRA International first contacted me about contributing to a new research administration training platform. Having started my career with a research team lacking in research administration expertise, I can relate to the challenges early and mid-career professionals face read more

  • Blog Entry

    Greetings SRA! As we all know, funding is getting more competitive and the application process is more intricate and nuanced than ever before. Researchers and administrators must be more creative and rigorous to remain viable. Sponsors are increasingly pushing for collaborative research to address complex questions. Thus, many institutions have created read more

  • LevelUp: My Journey in Micro-Credentialing The email read, “SRA International Education and Professional Development Committee (EPDC) is undergoing a massive project to develop a Professional Development Framework and a model for accreditation. We are developing a small task force of 6-8 experienced research administrators to initially engage in this read more

  • Post Scriptum: Finding Your Way Do you remember my article in the September Catalyst, Finding Your Why , the 92-year-old professor I mentioned as my gold standard for PI and his collaborators was awarded the 2019 Nobel Prize in Chemistry. He is now 97 years old, still the gold standard submitting proposals with plenty of lead time and fully compliant read more

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