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Connect is your exclusive SRAI resource for networking, membership information, and community. Connect with industry experts, register for events, and access exclusive offers. Customize your profile, stay updated, and amplify your professional growth within our community-focused portal.


The SRA Discussions page offers recent posts on diverse research administration topics. Professionals contribute articles, updates, and insights, covering best practices, trends, and industry news. It's a resource hub for knowledge-sharing, keeping research management professionals informed and updated.


The 'My Communities' section on the SRA International website is a hub for collaborative interaction among members, featuring forums on research administration topics like grants, compliance, and professional development. It encourages networking and knowledge-sharing for research administration professionals.

Member Directory

The 'Members Directory' section on the SRA International website is a platform designed to connect and facilitate interaction among members of the research administration community. This space may serve as a directory or platform where members can search, connect, and engage with other professionals involved in research management, grants, compliance, and related fields.


If you have any further questions regarding discussion, communities, or the member directory, email

Tips to Maximize Your Profile

1. Log in to the SRAI website and access your profile by clicking on it. Utilize the pencil icon beside your Contact Details to edit your information. Within the Account section, various categories allow you to update crucial details relevant to your profile within the SRAI directory.
2. The "Personal Info" category serves as an overview, encompassing your name and job title. While completing your information, ensure to tick the "Show in Directory" box. This option enables other SRAI members to locate you within our directory, accessible solely to logged-in SRAI members.
3. In the "Contact Info" category, update your address, email, and phone number. Additionally, the Account section encompasses various categories enabling members to view their involvement in committees or their educational background.