Board of Directors


Kim C. Carter, President
Kim C. Carter
University of Kentucky
Assistant Vice President for Research & Executive Director, Office of Sponsored Projects Administration

Immediate Past President

Cindy Kiel
Cindy Kiel
University of California Davis
Executive Associate Vice Chancellor, Research

At Large Board Members

Angela Behrend, At Large Board Member
Angela Behrend
University of Virginia
Senior Research Administrator

Susan Wyatt Sedwick, At Large Board Member
Susan Wyatt Sedwick
Attain LLC
Senior Consultant

Interim Treasurer

Dominic Esposito, At Large Board Member
Dominic Esposito
Director of Sponsored Programs Administration
Farmingdale State College


Gloria Greene, At Large Board Member
Gloria Greene
University of Alabama in Huntsville
Director, Office of Sponsored Programs

Anndeorte Vad, At Large Board Member
Annedorte Vad
Copenhagen Business School
Head of CBS Research Support Office


Bruce Steinert, Secretary
Bruce Steinert
Medical College of Wisconsin
Clinical Research Regulatory Manager


Domenica G. Pappas, At Large Board Member
Domenica G. Pappas
Illinois Institute of Technology
Director, Sponsored Research & Programs

Ad Hoc Board Members

Alex Delavan, Ad Hoc Board Member
Alex Delavan (Divisions)
University of Kentucky
Assistant Director

Mark Hochman, Ad Hoc Board Member
Mark Hochman (Education)
Research Management Resources


Erik Edgerton, Ad Hoc Board Member
Erik Edgerton (Chapters)
National Institutes of Health
Deputy Chief Grants Management Officer

Phillip du Plessis, Ad Hoc Board Member
Philip du Plessis (International)
South African Medical Research Council
Finance Manager


2019-Tonya Edvalson
Tonya K. Edvalson (Membership)
University of Utah
Clinical Research Compliance Officer

Kevin Titus, Ad Hoc Board Member
Kevin Titus (Sections)
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Business Director