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  • Volume LIII, Number 1 Value in the International Space: Examining the Challenges and Barriers on Research Administration International Research Teams Angela White-Jones, Ph.D. University of Central Florida Abstract International research administration continues to draw significant interest in its practice. As projects and associated problems read more

  • Volume LII, Number 2 Author Jennifer E. Taylor Tennesee Tech University The Journal of Research Administration (JRA) is the premier scholarly publication for the field of research administration and management. We publish timely work that covers all facets of our discipline. The journal is an important education and career development read more

  • Volume LII, Number 2 Overview of University Finances: Accounting and Budgeting Principles for Higher Education Dean O. Smith Professor Emeritus University of Hawaii During the past ten years, I have attempted to retire three times and written four books on university administration. Right after my first attempt at retirement, I wrote the read more

  • Volume LII, Number 2 Managerial Framework for a large Multi-centre Clinical Trial within an EU-funded Collaborative Project – the “PREVIEW” Case Study Laura Pastor-Sanz, PhD University of Copenhagen Prof. Michael Fogelholm, PhD University of Helsinki Prof. Edith Feskens, PhD Wageningen University Prof. Margriet Westerterp-Plantenga, read more

  • Volume LII, Number 2 Strategies to Obtain Research Funding for Hamamatsu University School of Medicine, a Rural Medical College in Japan Amano-Ito Yuko Hamamatsu University School of Medicine  Abstract Japan’s operating budget for its national universities has been reduced since 2004 year by year, leaving a tight competition among universities read more

  • Volume LII, Number 2 Examining Employee Retention and Motivation Trends in Research Administration Loralin Welch, MS Ed., CRA Virginia Commonwealth University Noorie K. Brantmeier, Ph.D. James Madison University  Abstract The current study examined retention and voluntary turnover intention trends among university research administrators, read more

  • Volume LII, Number 2 A Proportionate Peer Review Service Charles Mackworth-Young Professor of Practice and Director of Peer Review Service, Imperial College  Abstract Background: The peer review of clinical research projects is an essential step in project preparation. While some projects undergo rigorous review by grant-giving organizations, read more

  • Volume LII, Number 2 A Social Innovation Model as Bridge-Builder Between Academia and Research Management Charmaine Williamson University of South Africa Christina Shuttleworth University of South Africa  Abstract Institutional research management (RM) is increasingly seen as a strategic force, not only to raise the research output per read more

  • Volume LII, Number 2 Overhead Rates: Impact on Research Applications Success Lisa A. Boyce University of Surrey Abstract The purpose of this study was to examine the relationship of overhead rates on research application award success. The pressure to maximize overheads to fund the indirect costs associated with operating a research- intensive read more