Become a Journal Author

Become a Journal Author

Whether you are an aspiring writer or a more experienced and published author, SRA International encourages you to submit manuscripts for potential publication in the Journal of Research Administration.

Submit a Manuscript

The SRAI Journal of Research Administration is excited to announce that we will now be accepting manuscripts through a new online platform, ScholarOne. If this is your first time submitting an article via ScholarOne, you will need to click on the Create an Account button on the log-in page. 

    Submit a Manuscript for an Upcoming Special Issue on Clinical Trials

    The Journal of Research Administration is calling for manuscript submissions to be considered for an upcoming special issue on “Clinical Trials.”  The deadline to submit is October 4, 2024.

    If you or a colleague are interested in submitting a manuscript, please make note of the following directions: 

    1. Access our online platform to submit a manuscript.
    2. When submitting your article be sure to write SPECIAL ISSUE 2025 in the title of your manuscript.

      Author Guidelines and Agreement 

      The Author Guidelines include important information regarding manuscript requirements for style, formatting, and references. Please refer to these guidelines as you prepare your manuscript submission. 

      The Author Agreement is required for submission. If there is more than one author, each much sign an author agreement form. 


      Please take note of the following important points regarding publication in the Journal of Research Administration (JRA): 

      1. No Publication Fees: The Journal of Research Administration (JRA) does not charge any fees for publication. We uphold a commitment to open access and do not require authors to make any payments for their research to be published.

      2. Trustworthy Source: For reliable, peer-reviewed, and authoritative content related to research administration, only refer to the official website of the Journal of Research Administration, which can be found at

      3. Caution Advised: Be cautious of any communication or submission requests originating from spam websites such as  Do not provide any personal information or payment details to this unauthorized source. THEY ARE NOT affiliated with the Journal of Research Administration. 

      In the interest of maintaining the integrity of scholarly research and ensuring the highest standards of ethical publishing, we encourage all researchers, authors, and readers to exercise due diligence when engaging with online content.

      For questions regarding the Journal of Research Administration, please email