About the Odyssey Program

One of the great benefits of SRAI is the incredible knowledge base among our membership. The Odyssey Program occurs over a 12-month period and pairs up our experienced members (mentors) with members who are new or seeking to learn new skills in the field (mentees).

Mentoring relationships will be structured as one-on-one pairings based on matches' expertise and interest. We would like mentees and mentors to connect throughout the year, scheduling at your pace. The Odyssey Program Committee will check in with participants throughout the year.

Help us embark on this journey and consider applying for the Odyssey Program!


Who qualifies to be a mentee or mentor?

Mentees: We are looking for people new to research administration, new to your role in research administration, or wanting to prepare for something new in research administration. If you need help with your current position or career path and feel like you could benefit from someone guiding you through the process of developing new skills, please consider applying. Mentees must be Full Members of SRAI.

Mentors: We need experienced members willing to keep in contact with their mentees for a 12-month period. While the pace and forum to communicate is at the discretion of each pairing/group, mentors will be expected to lead by checking in to answer mentee questions and prompting discussion about their roles. Mentors must be Full Members of SRAI.

Do I need to be an SRAI member to participate in the Odyssey Program?  

Yes, you must be an active SRAI member to participate in the Odyssey Program.

What types of mentoring pairings does the Odyssey Program offer?

The Odyssey Program offers 1:1 pairings between mentors and mentees.

How will I communicate with my mentor/mentee?

The means of communication is decided between the mentor and mentee, and can include meeting virtually, by email, telephone, and/or in person if able. The frequency of meetings is up to the mentor/mentee(s). They can decide what works best for their schedules and allows enough time to work on intended program goals.  

When are applications due and when does the Odyssey Program start?

Applications for the Odyssey Program open in October and are due in early December. New cohorts start the following January.

Odyssey Program Applications

Submissions of Applications for Mentors and Mentees has now closed.

Check back in October for 2025 applications!


For questions about the Odyssey program, please email