Intensive Training Programs


Programs Offered In-Person

Research Leadership Intensive
June 14 - 16, 2023

This in-person three day intensive program is targeted at Research management professionals with some degree of supervisory oversight for people and/or programs (e.g., Managers, Directors, VPs) in any aspect of research administration: Pre-award, Post-award, Compliance, Conflict of Interest, Technology Transfer, Human Research Protections, Animal Welfare, Research Misconduct, Internal Audit, Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR), etc.

Programs Offered Online

Basics of Research Administration
June 21 - July 26, 2023

This intensive program was developed primarily for the research administrators with less than 2 years experience who are involved in any area of research administration. The conference is targeted specifically to new personnel in positions such as pre-award coordinators, departmental administrators, post-award coordinators, compliance coordinators, grant accountants, and others with newly-acquired responsibilities who need to understand the broad spectrum of research administration. Participants will self-train at their own pace with micro-credentialing modules.

Building a Basics Budget - Mini Intensive
April 4 & 11, 2023

This two-week workshop highlights the challenges associated with creating an effective budget, Participants from all levels of the institution will benefit by receiving comprehensive and practical information, along with specific examples, which can be used for various aspects of an institutions grant budgeting needs.

Clinical Trials in Healthcare Intensive
July 20 - August 17, 2023

This intensive program was developed to give a unique insight into research operations in these environments where research activities exist side by side with clinical operations and both have a focus to improve the lives of patients and populations served.

Post-Award Intensive 
May 8 - 17, 2023

This intensive program will encourage exploration of the research administrator's role at their institution and at others. Discussions and exercises will include topics such as methodologies for assessing costs and concerns associated with personnel effort, consultants, equipment, supplies, travel, subcontracts, total direct cost, program income, indirect costs, and cost sharing.

Pre-Award Fundamentals 
May 4 - June 8, 2023

This intensive program is intended for those just stepping into a pre-award position whether as a newcomer to the field of research administration or those changing focus within research administration. As Pre-Award is the foundation for the grant lifecycle, pre-award research administrators play a critical role in setting a grant off to a good start.

Research Compliance, Ethics and Integrity Intensive
September  11 - October 2, 2023

This intensive program was developed for mid-level research administrators. Participants who have a baseline understanding of the core issues related to research compliance, will be introduced to strategies to mitigate research compliance risks.

The Science & Security: Facilitating a Compliant and Inclusive Research Environment in the Wake of Foreign Influence Concerns Intensive 
April 5 - May 3, 2023

This intensive program is specifically designed for senior level research administrators and compliance officials to include internal audit, legal counsel and vice presidents. This program will offer practical advice on how to handle situations of non-compliance in reporting of relationships with and/or non-monetary relationships with foreign entities, navigating the labyrinth of laws entangled in such violations, dealing with enforcement visits, making determinations on whether export controls laws were violated, and how to handle voluntary and directed disclosures.