Research Management Specialist Certificate

Research Management Specialist Certificate

Your ticket to showcasing expertise in research administration!

The Research Management Specialist (RMS) Certificate demonstrates an individual’s journey to mastering the fundamentals of research administration and management. Through SRAI’s LevelUP online modules and mGuides, research administrators gain the essential knowledge and critical thinking skills needed in pre-award administration, post-award finance, and regulatory and financial compliance. 

Earning the RMS Certificate serves as a testament to understanding and applying the art and science of research administration, while acknowledging your commitment to professional development and excellence. We look forward to making this Certificate the next step in your research administration journey! 

This Certificate, exclusive to SRAI members, requires you to:

Achieve a total of 39 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) through the completion of carefully curated courses.

Develop a compelling case study, demonstrating practical application of your knowledge 

Fulfill the requirements in three years. 

Intended Audience 

 This program is tailored for individuals who aspire to establish a career in research administration and are dedicated to embarking on a comprehensive journey to enhance their professional knowledge and skills.


Upon completion, you will be sent a Certificate and Digital Badge to showcase your hard work! The Digital Badge can be showcased on various social media platforms and in your email signature for everyone to recognize your accomplishment. 


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