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LevelUP Courses consist of Modules and mGuides.


Modules are 3 to 5 hours in duration and require passing a randomized, comprehensive 50 question exam that challenges you to demonstrate aptitude while reinforcing the lessons and insights contained in the course.


mGuides can be completed in an hour or less and include knowledge checks as you go along. Designed as a series of online tools to teach current with step-by-step guidance on specific responsibilities within research administration.

mGuide and Module Offerings


NIH R Series mGuide

NIH Research Projects with activity code R form the foundation of many NIH grant portfolios. LevelUP’s NIH R Series mGuide is the ultimate tool to demystify R activity code application planning, development, and submission. This mGuide explores strategies for preparing grants, developing budgets, completing forms, and... Learn more



Effective development and submission of NIH RPPRs is an essential skill. LevelUP's NIH RPPR mGuide is the perfect tool to prepare research administrators to support faculty and investigators in developing the RPPR. This mGuide touches on every requirement of the RPPR so... Learn more


NSF CAREER Proposal mGuide

The NSF CAREER Proposal mGuide is designed to teach you the skills you need to assist a Principal Investigator in preparing, writing, and submitting a CAREER proposal to the NSF. This mGuide walks you through each step ... Learn more


NSF Research Proposal mGuide

The NSF Research Proposal mGuide teaches research administrators the skills they’ll need to assist a Principal Investigator (PI) in preparing, writing, and submitting a full research proposal to the National Science Foundation (NSF)... Learn more


Principles of Award Negotiation and Set-up

Well done! The project has been awarded to your institution, launching the project into the post-award phase. Before your institution accepts this award, though the terms and conditions of the award need to be negotiated. The negotiation of the award depends largely... Learn more


Principles in Pre-Award Research Administration

During the pre-award phase of the sponsored project lifecycle, the primary goal of the research administrator and the entire proposal team is to ensure the very best possible proposal is submitted to the sponsor. This can be a challenge... Learn more


Principles in Research Development

The current research funding environment is highly competitive given the limited resources from funding agencies. This increases the demands on Principal investigators (PIs) who must often submit multiple proposals in order for a successful funding outcome. PIs must balance... Learn more


Relationships, Roles, and Responsibilities in Research Administration

Research administrators come to this profession from a variety of educational backgrounds and professional experiences. You may have come to it accidentally or by design, through academic channels or administrative ones, while looking for a challenge or to pursue a passion... Learn more


Principles in Proposal Development

Once a funding opportunity is identified, the time-consuming task of preparing a competitive grant proposal begins. Research administrators support Principal Investigators (PIs) through grantsmanship programs focusing on time management, matching PIs... Learn more


Research Compliance Frameworks

The Research Compliance Frameworks module is designed to serve as a primer on the various compliance elements that help support effective grants management. Research compliance spans a wide range of complex subtopics... Learn more


Principles of Post-Award Financial Research Administration

Receiving an award is one of the most exciting steps in the research administration life cycle. Full of anticipation, energy and ripe with limitless possibilities, a new project kicking off can create enthusiasm and generate a sense of aligned purpose within the entire research team including a wide array of support offices.... Learn more


Principles of Post-Award Non-Financial Research Administration

What is post-award non-financial research administration? Why is it necessary, and who provides these services? LevelUP’s newest module explores the vital role Research Administrators share in keeping operations moving smoothly, facilitating effective communication, and fulfilling regulatory and sponsor requirements when managing the non-financial components of active awards. Learners will understand.... Learn more


Introduction to Clinical Research Management: Clinical Studies and Trials 

Clinical research management is a dynamic profession requiring coordination with multiple departments, institutional offices, and investigator teams. Effective research administrators need a deep understanding of clinical research management to be effective in successfully executing their role in the process.... Learn more