Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Research Integrity Toolkit?

The Research Integrity Toolkit is a resource targeted to Research Administrators to provide insights and resources for promoting research integrity and responding to research integrity and compliance breaches.

How was the Toolkit developed?

The faculty supporting the conference grant developed a set of topics and questions that research administrators are likely to face related to research integrity. During the two day conference in June 2017, over eighty research administrators participated in discussions about these topics and questions. Extensive notes were recorded and later coded and organized to develop the recommendations in this toolkit. This toolkit is intended to be a living resource and therefore additional content will be added.

Do I need to be a member to access the Research Integrity Toolkit?

No, the toolkit was developed based on an ORI funded conference grant (ORI IR160026-01-00) and is a free and open resource.

How were the five main themes determined?

As the conference notes were coded, themes emerged and were decided upon by the conference grant PIs as organizing themes.

How can I add to the Toolkit?

You may submit suggestions to