The New SRAI Website

Welcome to SRAI's New Website

Style, convenience, and connection

We are excited to introduce a new and improved member experience to the SRAI community with our recent premiere of the new website. This redesign showcases a refreshed look and new experience featuring modern tools and resources you need as a professional in research administration. In order to support an easy transition, we’ve included a quick introduction to new features and some tips for making the most of our new site.

The New Homepage

The new homepage features a rotating banner that highlights current and future SRAI events, programs, and activities. This page has been designed to showcase educational meeting & materials, member articles, and upcoming programs. The homepage is your gateway to member activities, your profile, and our social community which will premiere shortly. Check back often as new content is going to be added on a regular basis as SRAI members tackle the most pressing challenges of today and tomorrow.

Logging in your SRAI Account

In order to access the member-only content and personal profile, you will need to login to the website. The new website makes logging in easy. You can find the login icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page, and a simple click takes you the login page. Use the email address associated with your member account – likely the one that receives email communication from SRAI – to log in to the website.
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Your SRAI Member Profile

Once you have logged in, take a couple of minutes to fill in your profile. This information allows us to better serve you with useful content and the latest SRAI news customized for your interest. Access your account in the top right corner of the website.
You earn points for every step you take completing your profile, immersing you in the larger community and creating a profile to help you manage your membership activities. The user experience has been designed to help you search for RAs close to you, build your contact list, contact your peers, and ask for support. Under My Profile, you can add professional information helping to communicate your professional milestones and expertise to the member community. My Connections tab allows you to create and maintain your membership contacts, exchange communications, and participate in your community discussions. My Contributions highlights your SRAI activity and has sections displaying the meetings you have attended, certificates that you have earned, your achievements within the community, and contributions. Finally, the My Account tab gives you access to your member mailbox, account preferences, and general settings. Here you can edit how often you want to receive updates from the community, and what other members can see on your profile.

The New Menu Structure

Just like moving to a new house, some of your favorite SRAI features may have ended up in a new room. Below is a quick guide for where meetings, programs, content, and other information is located.

Menu Overview