Kudos Korner | David Mineo

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Kudos Korner | David Mineo

SRA International members rock! As research management and administration professionals, they never stop improving, learning, achieving, or earning new heights of success. We love sharing good news and offering a well-deserved slap on the back for recent personal and/or professional achievement. In keeping with that sentiment, please join with us as we congratulate David Mineo on his latest certification success!

SRA International is a professional networking community of learners. One way to gain knowledge and expertise is to share our stories of successful achievements with our peers and colleagues. Often research managers/administrators are cast in the role of promoting, supporting and applauding others. While this may be gratifying in many respects, it is also healthy to have pride in one’s own accomplishments. Kudos Korner offers SRA International members a wonderful and respectful venue for sharing and “bragging.”

Certification Success

David Mineo
David L. Mineo 
Executive Coach and Managing Director 
DLMineo Consulting and Coaching, LLC
SRAI member since 1994

Recently, David Mineo an SRAI member for over 25 years became a certified facilitator for the program, Coaching Skills for High Performance. This program is sponsored through Sherpa Coaching and is designed to train managers and leaders on the distinct responsibilities of both managing and coaching employees. Coaching Skills for High Performance (CSHP) is a program designed to help managers excel in their positions and learn to better lead and coach their people. CHSP changes the game for managers and reveals how to lead from a coaching perspective. The program is assured to deliver the tools that apply to the most common coaching opportunities. Participants in the training program learn how to create a positive impact on business (IOB), resulting in higher morale, productivity, better communication and effective delivery of expectations and accountability.  The class is delivered either in person or virtually with lectures, videos, breakout sessions and self-study to fully engage participants.

David has been a member of SRAI since 1994 and is a Distinguished Faculty member. He has been a recipient of SRAI’s Hartford Nicholson Award in 2007 and SRAI Excellence Award in 2010. David has been a speaker at many SRAI meetings and conferences and championed leadership development over the years. In addition to this certification David is a trained executive coach, an authorized partner for numerous Everything DiSC® tools using Wiley & Sons assessments as well as working with higher education institutions to address numerous challenges including strategic planning, interpersonal communication and conflict management. If you wish to contact David, he can be reached at david.mineo@dlmineo.com.

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Authored by Debra Schaller-Demers, MSOM, Senior Director, Research Outreach and Compliance
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