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By SRAI News posted 06-15-2020 10:48 AM


pic_2.jpgView from the Top | A Good Read

Like many of you I have been working from home. With all this “extra time” on my hands, I have been able to do a little more reading. I often try to read something on the best seller list. It dawned on me that if SRAI was a book, it would be an award winner.

Perhaps the book review would look like this:

The Society of Research Administrators International came onto the scene, slowly and resolutely in the ‘60’s. It was a lovely spring evening when a group of men created an organization to help their fellow colleagues weave through the complexity and regulations of applying for grants. They had no idea that they were entering unchartered waters.

As they decided how to move forward, they often wondered how successful they would be. Step by step, they started to find their colleagues were not only in the United States, but in every corner of the world. They realized that they were forming an International organization! Their planning and execution of the field of research administration must have been daunting. They were excited to share their plan. “Education is the key!”, they proclaimed. “We need help. How can we get volunteers?”

As we fast forward to present day, I decided to take a look at the SRAI website and make a decision for myself. As I perused the site, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The educational content is so rich! I found that one could learn in almost any way that felt comfortable for them. Webinars, online intensives, coffee talks, conferences and “LevelUP”, a training program that would provide learning opportunities for my team.

I got so excited, I called my colleague and told him to log on too. After spending some time, we decided we had to get involved too – but how? When? Where? I’m pretty outgoing, but my colleague, not so much. 

Then I found it! The link was right there in front me! Volunteer Opportunities! With just a click, we were provided with a list of opportunities that we could choose from! We both found unique volunteer opportunities where we could use our skills and met our specific needs. This is a must read!

I don’t know if it really was springtime when the idea for SRA was sparked, but what I do know is that these tremendous educational opportunities and volunteer opportunities exist.  Take a look at our website and sign up today

On a more personal note many of us have heard “stay safe, stay well” often these days.  While this may seem trite, the sentiment remains.  Take care of yourself.

Domenica Pappas
Authored by Domenica G. Pappas, CRA, Assistant Vice Provost of Research, Office of Sponsored Research & Programs
Illinois Institute of Technology
SRAI Board of Directors, At Large