Monthly Poll | Self-Care and Finding the Silver Lining

By SRAI News posted 11-13-2020 09:09


Monthly Poll | Self-Care and Finding the Silver Lining

There are quite a few fun things that happen every November. In addition to an entire holiday devoted to eating and thankfulness, many people around the world spend this month trying to write a novel.  I’ve attempted the National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo for short, every year since 2012. Last year was my first success and I’m working towards another win this year.  And to the SRAI member who wrote in to tell us that they are making their novel a reality as a type of self-care, I wish you all the luck!  I think making the time to be creative and write is an amazing self-care activity.

I also really love and relate to the member who wrote in to say that self-care is getting more sleep since they don’t have to get up as early for the commute! I traded in 3 hours per day of commuting for a little extra sleep and more meal prep time.  Sleep as self-care is such an overlooked activity!

So many of your responses were focused on a physical activity. Going for walks and hikes outside.  Starting a yoga practice.  Some of the other self-care activities we shared during Kate Tapper’s Keynote Address at the iSRA 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting included hugs and physical affection from our pets and loved ones, listening to music, napping, cooking, and getting lost in a good book.

By far, the most popular self-care activity that we shared with Kate was ‘find the silver lining’. I think the tumultuous nature of 2020 has driven more of us to understand the importance of self-care and driven more of us to find those silver linings, to find the lemonade from these 2020 lemons.

So tell me, how are you making your lemonade? What are the silver linings that are helping you stay positive? What are you grateful for?

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Authored by Heather Brown, Grants and Contracts Administrator
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