Let Your Voice be Heard

By SRAI News posted 12-09-2020 15:45


Let your Voice be Heard

We think we can all agree, through no fault of our own, 2020 has been a tough year. A pandemic, a recession, and social unrest; any one of these is full of stress and struggle. Enduring all three has tested the most virtuous among us. Yet, it is through our struggles that we find strength and opportunities for growth. Recent national and global events have spurred our own internal conversation within SRA International about engagement, diversity, and inclusion.

To seek clarity on where we are today and how we can improve, SRAI has formed the Engagement and Diversity Task Force. This broad, diverse group has been meeting for a few months creating a framework for tackling these questions and has unanimously agreed that the best place to start would be by asking you, our members and professional community, for feedback on your experiences within SRAI and seeking your ideas for future improvement. Getting a baseline will help us understand where we are today and having a sense of where you would like to be in the future will help develop the roadmap.

We’ve created two initial opportunities to provide feedback during December. Please take a moment to help us by answering a brief poll. Higher rates or responses result in improved validity, which we hope will ultimately result in a more impactful task force and future for SRAI.


In addition to the poll questions, SRAI and the Engagement and Diversity Task Force would also like to invite you to the upcoming Coffee Talk on December 17 at 2pm entitled Do You Belong? A Conversation on Engagement and Diversity. This Coffee Talk, hosted by the Engagement and Diversity Task Force, seeks to engage attendees in a conversation about diversity, how we can extend our programs to the broadest possible audience, and how we can improve engagement and diversity within our community. This will be an open-ended discussion facilitated by the Task Force Members and will provide plenty of opportunities for all perspectives to be heard.


2020 hasn’t been our personal favorite as far as years go, but we must say, Research Administrators and Managers have a played a big role in the search for a vaccine for COVID-19. Our profession’s strong fiscal management and discipline have helped lessen the impact of the recession, and we are members of an organization willing to ask hard questions in order to find the best version of itself. That is a big deal and something about which all of you should be proud.


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Karen B. Mitchell, MBA, Co-Chair Marcos Garza Kim C. Carter, Board Liaison
Devin Kreuger, Co-Chair Marchon Jackson Evan Roberts, Staff Support
Daniella Carter Marianne Woods, PhD