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Tiny Victories | David Harrison

By SRAI News posted 03-10-2021 11:28 AM


Tiny Victories | David Harrison

In this year of so many challenges, tiny victories can almost seem like major accomplishments. The Catalyst wants to highlight your tiny victories in research administration and how you are using them to get through everything life has recently thrown at us. Through sharing our tiny victories, we believe it will give us hope in this year and beyond. Join us as we congratulate David Harrison on his recent Tiny Victory!

Share your tiny victories with us and give everyone a chance to congratulate you on even the smallest of accomplishments! Do you have a tiny victory to share? Submit your Tiny Victory here.


David Harrison
Senior Research Administrator
Rochester Institute of Technology

I ended Friday with an empty email inbox!

I use my inbox as my to-do list. The only messages that I leave in my inbox are action items that I need to complete before I file the email in a proposal folder, or some other folder related to one of my responsibilities. So it doesn't happen often, but I did manage to send everything off to the "other side of the net" so to speak.

I do get a feeling of satisfaction from this, more so than completing a proposal submission, which is also satisfying (although from experience I know that feeling can be fleeting, since post-submission requirements are not uncommon).

Of course, almost as soon as I started writing this, the inbox started to fill up again, but that's OK, I think of that as job security.


Compiled by Carly Pigg, Coordinator of Grants and Development
LSU Health New Orleans

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03-15-2021 08:12 AM

Congratulations!!!!! Way to go!