SRA International Ambassadors are greeters and advocates of goodwill, supporting colleagues and promoting the best interests of SRA International.

a: an authorized representative or messenger
b: an unofficial representative <traveling abroad as ambassadors of good will>

A person who acts as a representative or promoter of a specified activity

The word is also often used more liberally for persons who are known, without national appointment, to represent certain professions, activities and fields of endeavor.

Who are the SRA International Ambassadors?

The SRA International Ambassador program was originally established in 2008 to assist first time attendees navigate and get the most out of the Annual Meeting.

Ambassadors are SRA International members who have attended previous meetings. SRA International Ambassadors volunteer to welcome newcomers and help them leave the conference with new colleagues to connect with. The program is meant to provide newcomers with a point of contact if they have a question and to guide them so that they get the most from the conference.

During Annual and Section meetings, SRA International Ambassadors are easily recognizable, wearing red Ambassador badges, so that first time attendees who need information can approach them with questions. Ambassadors should be able to answer most general questions and know where to go or whom to contact for further information.

New for our 50th Anniversary Year

In this, our 50th year, we are expanding the Ambassador program beyond the annual and section meetings. As SRA International grows, our Ambassador program is growing too!  We want to provide our members with methods to learn more about SRA International. We know our members are open and willing to share their thoughts, ideas and expertise with colleagues, and this is an excellent venue for helping new and potential new members learn more about SRA International and how to get involved.

Why are we expanding the Ambassador Program?

This expansion of the Ambassador program provides a resource for members to contact colleagues throughout the year to obtain answers to questions about the benefits of SRA International membership, how the organization works, attending annual/section/chapter meetings and other questions about membership.

How do I become an SRA International Ambassador?

If you are interested in becoming a year-round Ambassador, log in to your SRA International profile and update your information. There is an Ambassador check box in the lower section right below the “Member of Other Organizations” drop-down box. If you later choose to opt out of the program, simply go back into your profile and uncheck the Ambassador box.

We can always use additional Ambassador support during Annual and Section meetings, so if you prefer to limit your Ambassador activities to Annual and Section meetings, you do not need to update your profile, but please sign up on the meeting web site and wear a badge at the meeting. We welcome your support and still consider you a vital member of the Ambassador team!

How do I find an SRA International Ambassador?

To find an SRA International Ambassador, log in to the Members Only section of the SRA International web site and navigate to Individual Directory. Select Ambassador as your search term to bring up a list of all members who have elected to answer member inquiries as SRA International Ambassadors.

Note: The Ambassador program is meant for SRA International membership and meeting related questions/inquiries/networking. It is not meant to be a resource or forum for general research administration advice/questions.