Call for Webinar Proposals

Through our Online Education Webinar program, SRA International provides members with high-quality education and training without leaving their home or office. SRA International offers a broad range of programming presented by subject matter experts to help keep participants up-to-date on the latest federal changes, management trends, best practices, hot topics and subjects of special interest.

SRA International invites subject matter experts in the research administration community to share their talent and knowledge. You may submit a proposal to conduct a webinar presentation online.

Once submitted, your programming idea will be forward to one of the EPDC's Programming Working Groups for consideration. An SRAI staff liaison will notify you of acceptance.

You can view a list of previously offered webinars, now available on-demand.

Information for the Presenter

What is a webinar?

A webinar is a virtual program presented live on the Internet using a PowerPoint presentation for the visual part and a land-line telephone connection to provide a high quality audio portion (a cell phone does not have good enough audio for a webinar). Webinars are also recorded, archived, and made available for purchase on-demand.

How long does a webinar last?

SRA International offers 60-minute webinars. For a 60-minute program, presenters should prepare for 45-50 minutes and 15-10 minutes for question and answer segments and poll questions (questions can be received through the chat box).

What are the presenter’s responsibilities?

  • Complete the online proposal submission to conduct a webinar presentation.
  • Provide a PowerPoint presentation to be used for the visual part of the webinar as well as speaker biographies and photographs. These must be submitted no later than six weeks in advance of the program.
  • Locate a quiet room, a computer with Internet capabilities, a phone connection, and a headset to present the webinar. Presenters do NOT need to travel to SRA International headquarters in order to present. Each presenter is able to present from the comfort of their own home, office or any other convenient, quiet space.
  • Participate in at least one pre- webinar training session with your SRA International moderator. The presenter’s PowerPoint presentation will be used during the training to familiarize the presenter with the webinar presentation logistics, i.e., how he/she will use the capabilities of the webinar technology to highlight parts of the PowerPoint presentation, how presenter might poll the audience with a question, how the webinar and presenter will be introduced, how questions will be handled in the presentation, etc.

What does SRA International provide?

  • SRA International will provide the technology and infrastructure to produce the webinar, host the recorded webinar, advertise the webinar, and handle all webinar registration and payment.
  • SRA International will track all program attendance and provide all program registrants with a confirmation e-mail and instructions on how to access the webinar and receive educational credit. SRA International will also help respond to e-mail and telephone inquiries about the program.
  • SRA International will provide all registrants with continuing education credit hours
  • SRA International will handle all technical aspects of the webinar including training the presenter(s) on how to use the webinar platform and monitoring/assisting with the entire live webinar presentation. To assure the highest quality webinar, the presenter will be formally introduced and a moderator will conclude the live presentation as well as facilitate any Q&A and/or live polling.
  • SRA International is a volunteer organization. No honorarium will be paid nor expenses reimbursed for this presentation.

When do webinars take place?

SRA International webinars are typically presented on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday between 1-3 pm Eastern start time. This is subject to change for International topics or presenters.

What are topics of interest to SRA International’s global research audience?

Topics of interest and relevance to SRA International members range from:

  • Sponsored Project Administration (pre-award, post-award , proposal development)
  • Financial Management
  • Research Integrity and Compliance (RCR, Research Subject Protections, Compliance Review)
  • Professional Development (Leadership, Mentoring, Conflict Resolution, Stress Reduction)
  • Research Law (Regulations, Contracts, FCOI)
  • Management and Operations (Core Facilities, Metrics, Strategic Planning, Training)
  • Clinical Research Administration, Technology Transfer, Export Control, Dealing with US and non-US Funding Agencies (governmental and private), etc