Tiny Victories | Kara MacVean

By SRAI News posted 07-08-2021 09:24 AM


Tiny Victories | Kara MacVean

In this year of so many challenges, tiny victories can almost seem like major accomplishments. The Catalyst wants to highlight your tiny victories in research administration and how you are using them to get through everything life has recently thrown at us. Through sharing our tiny victories, we believe it will give us hope in this year and beyond. Join us as we congratulate Kara MacVean on her recent Tiny Victory!

Share your tiny victories with us and give everyone a chance to congratulate you on even the smallest of accomplishments! Do you have a tiny victory to share? Submit your Tiny Victory here.

Kara MacVean
Grant Development Specialist
Augusta University

I received a "Tiny Victory" email from a PO1 Program Director "Thanks for wrapping it up so efficiently!" in response to assisting with a December 23, 2020 NIH request. I was able to produce the information requested in the same business day as NIH reached out to our faculty member.

The faculty member had received an email from NIH questioning a few publications that appeared as non-compliant in the progress report (RPPR) submitted at the end of November. Although I had answered his email during the same business day, the work related to the request had quietly started weeks prior.

While working on the RPPR, I saw that some of the publications were in non-compliant status and immediately took action to work on correcting that so that there would be no delay in the following year's Notice of Award. Correcting non-compliant status of a publication can take up to eight weeks to correct. When the RPPR was submitted, they were still non-compliant, and I already had them in motion to become compliant.

This request from NIH came much earlier than I anticipated for a budget year ending 1/31/2021. Luckily, since I had already been working on this important task, I was able to confirm with our faculty member, the grants office, and NIH all on the same day that this request was already completed so that no one had to worry about this request over the holiday break!


Compiled by Carly Pigg, Coordinator of Grants and Development
LSU Health New Orleans