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Congratulations to our LevelUP Learners

By SRAI News posted 11-10-2021 03:13 PM


Congratulations to our LevelUP Learners!

SRA International would like to congratulate our LevelUP Learners who have achieved a Level 3 and Level 4 LevelUP Badge in the LevelUP Micro-credentialing Program!

The research administration professionals earning these badges have accomplished a great deal and proven their dedication to achieving professional excellence. Both the Level 3 and 4 LevelUP Badges require a significant individual commitment and personal sacrifice.

The learners featured in this article had to complete 15+ hours of directed learning time between five modules, spend many additional hours completing a personalized case study, and passed a cumulative 250 question exam to obtain a Level 3 LevelUp Badge. The Level 3 LevelUP Badge represents the midway point in reaching a Level 5 badge, the crowning achievement of the program.

Our Level 4 LevelUP Badge is earned by passing 400 exam questions and an additional 9+ hours of directed learning time, with learners completing a total of eight modules. The Level 4 LevelUP Badge takes learners even farther in the overall LevelUP experience and places them only one level away from earning the Level 5 badge.

Congratulations again to those who have dedicated the time and effort to LevelUP their careers and earn Level 3 and Level 4 badges!

Stay tuned on social media to meet some of our #LevelUPAllStars and see how they got started in LevelUP, how LevelUP has impacted their career, and which LevelUP module has been most valuable to them and their career in research administration.

Level 3 Badge Earners
Clair Abney
Emilie Bowman
Kelley Davis
Naomi Emmett
Patricia Fox
Kathleen Halvorsen
Kristina Hayes
Margaret Mbabazi
Christelle McKinney
Lora Moeller
Haley Norwood
Jennifer Roberts
Kelly Sickafoose
Neha Sinha
Susan Zipkin
Level 4 Badge Earners
Ian Chamberlin
Shannon Maier
Stephanie Oberlin
Mary Otis
Lindsay Poore
Gwendolyn Weissberg

Authored by SRA International