Financial Management Certificate

Financial Management (FM)

When institutions solicit funding from external sponsors to support major functions such as instruction, research, and other sponsored activities, it is integral for organizations to demonstrate adequate resources are available to ensure sound financial management is present as stewards of external financial support. As a result, it is incumbent upon institutions to ensure that its administrative research staff possesses the knowledge, skills, and abilities to execute their responsibilities.

The Financial Management certificate provides administrative research staff with an understanding of best financial management practices surrounding the following areas:

  • Service Centers,
  • F&A Negotiations,
  • Financial Reporting,
  • Audit/Internal Controls,
  • Sub-recipient Monitoring,
  • Property/Equipment/Procurement Standards, and Compensation.

The certificate provides an understanding of the regulatory framework for the direct and indirect costing of sponsored program activity, financial management decision-making and fiscal compliance of sponsored programs. Whether new to the profession or a seasoned administrator who has had significant exposure to the financial management of sponsored research, the certificate offers benefits to all administrative research professionals who are responsible for extending financial support to any pre or post-award activities.

Certificate Program Requirements

FM is comprised of one workshop, five required sessions and three elective sessions. The required courses are listed below; the electives may vary from meeting-to-meeting.

Financial Management Certificate Tracking Sheet