Research Integrity Certificate

Research Integrity (RI)

The Research Integrity Certificate provides a foundation for identifying, understanding and addressing the complex ethical dimensions of conducting research. The Certificate identities specific categories which will provide an understanding of the critical elements of successful administration of a research integrity program. The program has been redesigned to cover the essential elements of research integrity management for research administrators. The redesign maintains the required workshop curriculum, which introduces the student to the knowledge required to understand research integrity administration.

The Research Integrity Certificate covers issues relevant to colleges and universities, research hospitals and institutes, government agencies, non-profit funders of research, and industry. Elements of the curriculum include protocol review, compliance review board review, research misconduct, foreign influence, research security, and researcher issues. These elements, along with other relevant topics, will be presented in a combination of one half-day workshop and seven sessions to complete the program. The session will include six required sessions and one elective session—no more than two sessions from any single category.

Certificate Course Requirements

Participants must complete one half-day workshop, six required sessions and one elective session. The required courses are listed below; the electives may vary from meeting-to-meeting.

Research Integrity Certificate Tracking Sheet