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Thursday, April 13, 2023, 9:45 AM - 10:45 AM

S1: Navigating Grants Proposal Submission

We will discuss navigating complexities of Grants Proposal Submission. Evaluating Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA), preparing timelines for the proposal submission. Creating deadlines to meet institutional and sponsor requirements. Creating checklist for the tasks and documents required for a particular grant proposal. Effective communication with the Program Directors/Principal Investigators both of our institution and of sub-contracts.

Saif Ullah, Senior Grants Administrator, Mass General Brigham
Xuan Chen, Grants Administrator, Mass General Brigham

S2: Perspectives from the Department, Dean, and Central Offices

In this presentation, we will provide information on registration, roles, and rights of users. Discussion of new forms, including biographical sketches and current and pending support, will also be addressed. We will demonstrate a proposal submission on, providing tips and tricks on the new research administration portal. This presentation will assist both new and experienced users.

Alice Lawson, Reviewer/Approver, Senior Vice Chancellor for Health Services Research Administration Offices (SVCHS RAO)
Jennifer Stadler, MS, CRA, Research Administrator, Department of Radiology, Imagining Research
Eric Larson, Electronic Research & Systems Administrator

S3: Research Development Connections

Research Development (RD), as an administrative field, encompasses a set of strategic, catalytic, and capacity-building activities that advance research (NORDP). The work of an RD team may include communicating funding opportunities that advance the institution’s research agenda, managing limited submission programs, and hosting workshops aimed towards building proposal competitiveness. Commonly, the work of Research Development administrators appears at the beginning of a research lifecycle. RD teams connect to other administrative teams primarily through limited submissions and deadline monitoring, though there are many opportunities for Research Administrators (RA) to leverage RD practices to support their faculty and operations. By utilizing external funding databases, tracking research opportunities, and making sharable lists of programs, research administrator (RD & RA) teams may identify grants, awards, and other opportunities to communicate with faculty. Through these practices, research administrator teams offer others broadened ways into understanding a complex funding ecosystem. This presentation aims to highlight the resources familiar to Research Development teams, identify tools to plan and prepare for the complicated requirements of extramural funding opportunities, and share tips on how to streamline the search for funding.

Bradley Pollock, Research Development Analyst, University of Pittsburgh

Thursday, April 13, 2023, 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

S4: Are You Ready to Take the Exam

This session will discuss the CRA, SPRA, and CFRA and why Research Administrators should take the exam. The benefits to becoming certified, how the certification will enhance your career, and finally, which certification is best for you.

Jen Hoffman, Director of Grants and Contracts, Penn State University Center for Nursing Research

S5: Don't Work Harder, Look Closer

With the ever-present challenges of staffing shortages, scarce departmental funds and too-much-work-too-little-time, this presentation explores ways that you can use software (EXCEL) and platforms (Outlook, Quick Steps, Shortcuts, Social Media, Clipboard) that are already present in your department to develop useful tools that will help you to improve efficiency and reduce stress. In addition, there is a “Plus” factor which is an upgrade: the extra step. These Plus factors help you exploit the software and platform benefits of these tools so that you add value and elevate the usefulness of the tools you create.

Liz Yute, Grant Specialist III, Western Psychiatric Hospital and Clinic
Allison Vorp, Office of the Senior Vice Chancellor for Health Sciences Research Administration Offices (SVCHS RAO)

S6: Managing an Office with Multiple Generations - Discussion Group

 We will discuss what a multi-generational workplace is, how you manage multiple generations at work, and what the problems are in managing generational gaps in the workplace.

Tom Berkhoudt, Associate Vice Chancellor for Grants and Awards, Health Sciences, University of Pittsburgh
Megan Evansky, Director, Post Award Administration, Department of Medicine Research Administration, University of Pittsburgh

Thursday, April 13, 2023, 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

S7: Research Misconduct: The Basics

The session will review the Federal regulations, their history and current interpretation and enforcement, Federal and institutional sanctions based on a finding of misconduct, and landmark cases that have shaped the law in this areas.

Debbie Parrish, Parrish Law Offices

S9: Managing Out of State Staff and Applicants - A Discussion

This session will be a discussion to go over tips and best practices for managing staff and applicants from out of state locations.

Mariana Rieke, MSHSA, CRA, Director, Western Psychiatric Hospital Office of Grants & Contracts, University of Pittsburgh Department of Psychiatry
Grant Jackson, MPA, CRA, Associate Director, Western Psychiatric Hospital Office of Grants & Contracts, University of Pittsburgh Department of Psychiatry

Thursday, April 13, 2023, 3:15 PM - 4:15 PM

S10: Advanced Issues in Research Misconduct

This session will discuss the increasing role that journals play in research misconduct allegations, misconduct in clinical trials, and criminal convictions associated with a research misconduct filing.

Debbie Parrish, Parrish Law Offices

S11: Where I Am and How Did I Get Here? Practical Advice for the New Research Administrator

Those just starting careers in research administration may be feeling overwhelmed and unfamiliar with their new roles and how to develop their skills. This concurrent session will provide practical advice on how to navigate being a new research administrator, what resources are available, and what potential opportunities and career pathways exist.

Laura Kingsley, Director, Office of Sponsored Projects, University of Pittsburgh

S12: Strategic (Re)Development of Research Support Programs

Being tasked with building new, or refreshing existing, research support programs, resources or tools can be daunting. In this session, you will discover best practices and lessons learned for successful program development.

Kerri Jackson, MPPM, Assistant Director for Strategic Initiatives, Office of Sponsored Programs, University of Pittsburgh