Collaboration Hubs

Collaboration Hubs

SRAI is excited to announce a new space to participate in in-depth discussions and receive feedback and resources from other top professionals in the field through our Collaboration Hubs.

On SRAI Connect, our Collaboration Hubs are communities where SRAI members can pose questions, follow trending conversations, and search for resources – all tailored to a specific research administration area. More than a list serve or open forum, each community hub is moderated by experienced industry leaders who will be available to provide insight into discussions. Start conversing today!

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Management & Operations

Focuses on overarching structure and policies that create a holistic, operational system supporting the practice of research administration. Topics include developing and implementing policy, planning and ensuring efficient operational services – managing resources including staffing and budgets, interacting with external constituents and stakeholders, and other functions required to manage the complex, international research environment. 


Kathryn Watkins, M.Ed., CRA, CFRA
K Watkins Research Admin Services LLC
Tonia Cable, CRA
Grants and Contracts Manager
Award Administration 
Atrium Health

Research Contracting, Law and Risk Management

Focuses on legal, and regulatory issues that scientists, research administrators and attorneys may face in contract negotiation and award administration. As there are many legal issues in research, examples of /some of the issues addressed are: intellectual property and technology transfer, conflicts of interest; confidentiality, data use, protection and privacy; cybersecurity; import/export licensing; and foreign influence of US research.


Leslie Levine, M.S., CRA
Director,  Marianna Dietrich College H&SS
Carnegie Mellon University
Sandra Nordahl, CRA
Director Sponsored Research Contracting & Compliance
San Diego State University Research Foundation

Compensation and Effort

Compensation for personnel is the majority of the budget for most sponsored projects.  It is critical that compensation is budgeted accurately, tracked throughout the life of the sponsored project, and reported consistently across all personnel categories while maintaining internal controls as outlined in federal regulations.  This forum is provided as a space to discuss the challenges of managing compensation for sponsored activities.


Leslie_Pagilagan_Headshot.jpgLeslie Pagilagan 
Higher Ed Consulting Manager
Huron Consulting Group
Kathy_Kramer_Headshot.jpgKathy Kramer
Higher Ed Consulting Manager
Huron Consulting Group
Victoria_Sowemimo_Headshot.jpgVictoria Sowemimo
Huron Consulting Group

Clinical and Translational Research

Covers all clinical and translational research topics relating to the conduct, management, regulatory oversight and workforce training in the settings of academic organizations, non-profit organizations, commercial industry, healthcare systems and hospitals.


Philip A. Cola, Ph.D
Associate Professor of Management
Weatherhead School of Management
Case Western Reserve University
Vicki McHugh, MS-CRM
Director of Research Operations
Gundersen Medical Foundation

Research Analytics & Business Intelligence 

Focuses on the use of data to understand the past, present, and future of an organization’s research enterprise. Leaders in research administration want to have a good understanding of the activity in their organizations to assist with strategic planning, hiring decisions, trends and more. Data helps them answer those questions and helps predict strategic opportunities for future investment. Topics include the methods and apps to create online self-service portals, dashboards, analytic reports and other tools, leveraging data sources that are both internal and external to the institution (such as the NSF Higher Education Research and Development Survey [HERD] data). The goal is to provide meaningful analysis, and identify common practices in data analysis for research administration to tell the story and move the business forward in sustainable ways.


Terri M. Hall 
Director, Research 
Business Intelligence
University of Notre Dame
Floris van der Leest 
Senior Systems Analyst 
King Abdullah University of Science & Technology
Baron G. Wolf, PhD
Assistance Vice President
Research Strategy & Data Analytics
University of Kentucky
Jamie Szabo, MPA
Director of Research Analytics
University of Missouri


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