Award Categories and Nominations

2022 SRAI Award Applications are closed.

Important Dates

  • Nomination deadline, Friday, May 27, 2022
  • Application deadline, Friday, June 24, 2022
  • Award candidates notified by SRAI's President in mid-August

Please note: Other awards overseen by SRAI not listed below, such as the Symposium, Best Concurrent Session & Webinar; Rod Rose Awards and MVE; Speaker Travel Scholarships and RAMP, are organized through an entirely separate nominations process and do not pertain to this announcement.

SRAI Award Categories

The Herbert B. Chermside Award for Distinguished Contribution to Research Administration

This Award is named after an SRAI member who first joined only two years after the Society was formed and then spent the rest of his career working towards the advancement of the profession of research administration. He was known as a mentor to many, and a dedicated research administrator to all.

To showcase distinguished contributions in the development of research administration as a profession. The contributions may be in the form of any of the following:

  1. Publications in management and research administration journals
  2. Speeches concerning research administration before major organizations
  3. Service on committees or agencies which have had a direct and positive impact on research administration
  4. Any other activity which has contributed to the development of research administration as a profession.

Nominations for the award are solicited from leaders in colleges and universities, industry, government and the SRAI membership. The nominee must have been involved in research administration for at least 15 years. The nominee does not need to be an SRAI member. The nominator must be a current SRAI member. Up to one winner is selected each year.

Past Recipients

2021: Jennifer Shambrook

2020: David Phipps

2019: Mark Hochman

2018: Marjorie Piechowski

2017: Collin Cooper

2016: Pat Buennemeyer

2015: Bill F. Schweri

2013: Edward F. Gabriele

2012: Jean I. Feldman

2011: Dorothy Yates

2010: Lynne Chronister

2010: Elliott Kulakowski

2008: Mike Varney

2007: Albert R.C. Westwood

2006: Paul Nacon

2004: Vice Admiral Michael L. Cowan

2003: Kenneth Beasley

2002: Karen Holbrook

2001: Henry G. Friesen

2000:  Arthur Beinenstock

1999: Rear Admiral Paul G. Gaffney, II

1998: Wendy Baldwin

1997: Judith Bostoch

1996: Geoffrey E. Grant

1995: V. Wayne Kennedy

1994: John A. Rodman

1993: Mary Woolley

1992: Cedric Chernik

1991: William Raub

1990: Ronald W. Lamont-Havers

1989: Robert M. Johnson

1988: Richard C. Atkinson

1987: Ronald E. Cape

1986: Gordon MacNabb

1985: Ian M. Rose

1984: Linda S. Wilson

1983: Donald N. Langenberg

1982: Donald S. Fredrickson

1981: Malcolm E. Pruitt

1980: Edward E. David

1979: Arthur M. Bueche

1978: Alvin M. Weinberg

1977: Raymond J. Woodrow

1976: William O. Baker

1975: James A. Shanon

1974: George Darling

Hartford-Nicholsen Award

Established to recognize SRAI members whose services demonstrate leadership in the Society, and who have made a major, distinguishable contribution which has been of benefit to the entire Society. Until 1973, this award was entitled the Distinguished Service Award and is still rooted in the critical importance of SRAI as a group of volunteers. Individuals who are nominated for this award have contributed their professional expertise to the Society in an important and fundamental way. The nominee must be a current SRAI member, nominated by a current SRAI member. Up to three winners can be selected each year.

Past Recipients


  • Heather Kraus
  • Annedorte Vad


  • Dominic Esposito
  • Lynda Olin
  • Nathan Vanderford


  • Amy Cuhel-Schuckers
  • Cindy Morin
  • Anne Schauer


  • Tonya K. Edvalson
  • Gina Hedberg
  • Tim Linker


  • Gloria W. Greene
  • Ellen E. Zavala


  • Fran Stephens


  • Sandra M. Nordahl
  • Mark Hochman
  • Kris Rhodes


  • Judy Bristow
  • Kathryn Watkins


  • Midge Breslof
  • Kate McCormick
  • Amy Sikalis


  • Merritt R. Helfferich
  • Shirley Hill


  • Debra Schaller-Demers
  • Cliff Schofield


  • Cindy Kiel
  • Philip Myers
  • Domenica Pappas


  • Frank Davis
  • Rene C. Hearns
  • Marcia Trudgen


  • Michael Owen


  • David Mineo
  • Karen Wilson


  • Jennifer Shambrook


  • Jim Hanlon
  • Peggy Harrell
  • Donna Marano


  • Myriam Bouroche
  • Colin Cooper
  • Edward F. Gabriele
  • Charlie Tardivo
  • Dorothy Yates


  • William Caskey
  • Patricia D. Buennemeyer
  • Sharon L. Kiser
  • Paula Means


  • Michael McCallister
  • Mary Ellen Colvin
  • Mary Daley
  • J. Terry Manns


  • Mary T. Spina
  • Thane Peterson
  • Cary E. Thomas
  • John Chinn


  • Paul Nacon
  • Pearl Bigfeather
  • Carolyn Witt
  • Michael Baiad


  • Matthew A. Kinnard
  • Joe Bass
  • Ken Beasley


  • Pamela F. Miller
  • Pamela A. Krauser
  • Pamela Brown
  • Bruce Steinert
  • Michael Lanner


  • Jerry J. Fife
  • Mildred Huff Ofuso
  • Victoria J. Molfese
  • Laurie L. Robertson


  • Rebecca D. Claycamp
  • Jackie B. Solberg
  • Phillip V. Spina
  • Marcia Landen


  • Diane C. Gilbert
  • Robert A. Killoren Jr.,
  • Linda Schwarz
  • Ada Sue Selwitz


  • Frederick B. Mesler
  • Dianne Horrocks
  • Robert Fleming
  • Janice Eckert


  • Gustavo Godoy
  • Shanti Gulati
  • John S. Phillips
  • Ruth S. Poole


  • Lynne U. Chronister
  • Janet E. Scholz
  • J. Michael Slocum
  • Michael M. Smith
  • Regina A. Smith


  • Mary C. Frankel
  • Lucy H. Henry
  • James L. Pyle
  • William F. Schweri


  • Dennis B. Neighbors
  • Jr., Marjorie Piechowski
  • Paul Saenger
  • Mary Woolley


  • Geoffrey Grant
  • Ellen D. Rogers
  • Richard E. Stephens
  • Paul Waugaman


  • Melvin W. Buck
  • William J. Clement
  • Wil B. Emmet
  • Roberta A. Nixon


  • Dwight L. Allen
  • Alfred B. Chaet
  • Herbert B. Floyd
  • Arthur H. Headlam


  • Claudette D. Beyer
  • Frank Bloomfield
  • Lynzee Browning
  • Norma Denney
  • Charles Selbert


  • Robert Bolton
  • John L. Christian
  • Cecil K. Drinker
  • Kathrine M. Reed


  • Brent R. Kopp
  • Dr. Robert E. Krebs
  • Peggy S. Lowry
  • Milton S. Stombler


  • Robert F. Boord
  • Brian L. Harvey
  • John M. Rogers
  • Louren J. Van Monsjou


  • Roger D. Hartman
  • David R. Mounce
  • Daniel M. Oshiro


  • Linda G. Halstead
  • James A. McPherson
  • William R. Richard


  • Joel M. Cohen
  • Carla Dingillo
  • Robert J. McKee


  • Truman Cook
  • Jo Ann Treat
  • Larry G. Hess


  • Ruth M. Morgan
  • William J. Sabo
  • Juanita C. Sowell


  • Justin C. Crawford
  • Rodney Rose
  • Donald M. Wood


  • Harold B. Lawler
  • Eva J. Meyer
  • Robert J. Proctor


  • Jack Balderston
  • Richard L. Snyder
  • Betty L. Stevenson


  • Kenneth L. Beasly
  • Charlotte Raymond
  • Donald J. Rosania
  • Kenneth E. Wright


  • David Canham
  • Jr., Lorraine Lasker
  • Henry Schulte
  • Richard Duro
  • Richard Hill
  • Gary Matteson
  • Jack Yarin


  • James Burack
  • Michael Costello
  • Sherwin Hansen
  • Donald Howard


  • Mary Buck
  • Edward Davanaugh
  • Michael Hubona
  • Bobette Jones


  • Robert Anthonisen
  • Benjamin Burgess
  • James Koch
  • Alan Morrison


  • Richard D'Agostino
  • Richard Nicholsen
  • Tracy Patrick

Excellence Award

This award was established in 1977, in honor of the Society's 10th anniversary. Recognizes up to three SRAI members who have excelled in meeting the Society's purpose of expanding the knowledge and tools of research administration. Winners are selected as no more than one each from the categories of: newcomer (less than 5 years), mid-career (5 – 10 years) or advanced professional (more than 10 years). The nominee must be a current SRAI member, nominated by a current SRAI member.

Past Recipients


  • Debbie Pettitt - Advanced Level
  • Courtney Hunt - Mid-Career Level
  • Katie Wu - Newcomer Level


  • Quinton Johnson - Mid-Career Level


  • Gloria Greene - Advanced Level
  • Tabatha Lemke - Mid-Career Level
  • Blair Reed - Newcomer Level


  • William F. Hoffman, Jr. - Advanced Level
  • Nathan L. Vanderford - Mid-Career Level


  • Frank Davis - Advanced Level
  • Alex Delavan - Mid-Career Level

2016: Jennie Amison - Advanced Level

2015: Renee J. Vaughan - Advanced Level


  • Erik Schneebeck - Newcomer Level
  • Paula Bistak - Advanced Level


  • Esther Gondwe - Newcomer Level
  • Sarah Lampson - Advanced Level


  • Jayamini Illesinghe – Newcomer Level
  • Andrea Deaton - Mid-Career Level


  • Lara Cartmale – Newcomer Level
  • Debra Schaller-Demers - Mid-Career Level
  • Denise Makovac-Badali – Advanced Level


  • Jennifer Shambrook
  • David Mineo


  • Patricia D. Buennemeyer
  • Philip A. Cola
  • J. Terence Manns

2008: Marcia Landen

2007: Sandra M. Nordahl


  • Lynne Chronister
  • Bill Schweri

2005: Donna Marano


  • Paul G. Waugaman
  • Elliott Kulakowski

2003: Michael J. Slocum

2002: Rebecca Claycamp

2001: Edward Gabriele

1999: Carol L. Tippery

1997: Jean Morrow

1996: Robert A. Killoren, Jr

1995: Donald E. Clark

1994: Marjorie Piechowski

1993: Ada Sue Selwitz

1992: Eugene L. Stein

1991: Frea E. Sladek

1990: Clifford L. Shisler

1989: John M. Mishler

1988: Michael R. Dingerson 

1987: Claudette D. Beyer 

1986: Brian L. Harvey 

1985: Peggy S. Lowry

1984: John A. Rodman

1983: Larry G. Hess 

1982: Donald R. Baldwin

1980: Oliver D. Hensley 

1979: Jack L. Balderston

1978: Kenneth Beasley

1977: George B. Bush

The Technology Innovation and Application Award

Established in 2010, this award, is open to an individual or a team, showcases and recognizes innovations and applications in using technology in promoting, processing or advancing research administration operations. Regardless of the media, innovations significantly move an office forward using the technologies that best reflect the goals proposed. The nominee may be an individual or team. Nominee(s) does not need to be an SRAI member. The nominator must be a current SRAI member.

Past Recipients

2021: Benaroya Research Institute

2019: Baron Wolf, Assistant Vice President for Research Strategy & Data Analytics, University of Kentucky

2018: Linda Gamman, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Communication, University of Washington

2017: Drew Brown, Associate Director, Arizona State University

2016: John Rogers, The University of Alabama at Huntsville

2015: Neil Maxwell, Phoebe Search, University of California, Berkeley

2014: Chris Winders, University of Missouri, Kansas City

2013: Steven Dominguez, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

2012: UCLA Rapid PI Portal 2011 Indiana University, Office of Research Administration

2011: Indiana University, Office of Research Administration

2010: Clark Atlanta University

The Partnership Award

Established in 2010, this award honors and recognizes those instrumental in building a partnership across institutions, national, or international borders. Nominee(s) demonstrates leadership and cooperation in overcoming barriers to work together as equal partners and in ways that serve as a model for collaborating with others toward shared and commonly held goals in research administration. Nominee(s) must be a current SRAI member. The nominator must be a current SRAI member.

Past Recipients

2017: Jonathan M. Horowitz, PhD, Professor of Cancer Biology, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research, Office of Research, Innovation and Economic Development, NC State University, USA

2014: Winona Ward, Louisiana State University, USA

2013: Henry Tumwijukye, Makerere University, Uganda

2011: John Westensee, Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark

2010: Bill Schweri, University of Kentucky, USA

John Robinson Travel Award

The John Robinson Travel award was established in 2012 to support speakers in their early career to further their professional development. The award is given each year and supports travel arrangements for speakers accepted to present at the SRAI Annual Meeting. Through this Award, SRAI acknowledges an endowment from John Robinson to honor his contributions to the Society by encouraging active participation of current SRAI members in the conference agenda. The John Robinson Award covers one (1) full Annual Meeting registration and up to $1,700 in funds. Award applications are reviewed and a decision is made on the basis of a successful submission to present at the SRAI Annual Meeting and on financial need. Applications are limited to current SRAI members that are in their early-career (5 years or less in the profession).

Past Recipients

2021: Jared Kersey

2019: Peter Hoesing

2018: Karen L. Bone

2017: Dave Silvey

2016: Javier Arévalo

2015: Anastasia Lenfest

2014: Joan Larok

2013: Elizabeth Mabisi

2012: Cira Matthis

Annual Meeting Scholarship

The Annual Meeting Scholarship was established in 2016 and given for the first time the same year. Through different initiatives by SRAI, AmazonSmile, #GivingTuesday and donations by members, the Annual Meeting Scholarships will allow two (2) recipients to benefit from leading edge education and networking opportunities offered at the Annual Meeting each year. The Annual Meeting Scholarship includes complimentary registration (pre-conference workshops and/or SRA International membership not included). The scholarship is open to everyone; both existing members and those who intend to join SRA International. Please note that the scholarship covers only the full meeting registration; full member SRA International dues are the responsibility of the applicant and must be paid in full prior to the meeting. The applicant must NOT be a prior recipient of any type of SRA International award or travel scholarship.

Past Recipients

2019: Tracy Jones, Georgia Institute of Technology and Mark Kparmak, Africa Centre of Excellence in Phytomedicine Research and Development

2018: Cheryl Bowie-Thomas, Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center Medical Education & Research and Lynda Olin, Washington State University, Vancouver

2017: Anthony Edmondson, University of Alabama at Huntsville and Charity Forrester, University of Maryland, College Park

2016: Jeri Beel, Florida Atlantic University and Doug Mounce, Cancer Research And Biostatistics