Distinguished Faculty

About Distinguished Faculty

SRA International’s Distinguished Faculty (DF) program is comprised of professionals in the field of research administration who help SRA International achieve its mission goals:

  • The education of research administrators, professionals in related fields, and the public through the exchange of information, individual contacts, professional presentations, formal and informal meetings and publications.
  • The improvement of communication among researchers, host institutions and organizations, the sponsors of research, research administrators and the general public.

SRA International Distinguished Faculty (DF) members:

  • Enhance the professional development of research administrators around the world by creating and presenting high quality education and training content that adds to the body of knowledge in the field of research administration.
  • Serve as “thought leaders” to help the Society develop educational programming that is responsive to the significant events, complex issues and new trends impacting the field. 

Learn More About the Application Process 

Once submitted your online application will be forwarded to the DF Subcommittee for consideration. The DF Subcommittee will notify you of acceptance.

About Distinguished Faculty


For more information, view the complete revised Distinguished Faculty Guidelines recently approved by the SRAI Board.


Distinguished Faculty Members

  • Jennie L. Amison
  • Ian M. Carter
  • Kim C. Carter
  • Jason Claes
  • Rebecca D. Claycamp
  • Philip A. Cola
  • Colin Cooper
  • Andrea Deaton
  • Tonya K. Edvalson
  • Dominic Esposito
  • Ira S. Goodman
  • Rene Hearns
  • Ross Hickey
  • Mark B. Hochman
  • William F. Hoffman, Jr.
  • David D. King
  • Marcia Landen
  • David Langley
  • Timothy Linker
  • Dara C. Little
  • Donna I. Marano
  • Sharon L. McCarl
  • Pamela F. Miller
  • David L. Mineo
  • Victoria J. Molfese
  • Sandra M. Nordahl
  • Domenica Pappas
  • Marjorie P. Piechowski
  • Kris Rhodes
  • Trudy Riley
  • Dhanonjoy C. Saha
  • Anne Schauer
  • Susan Wyatt Sedwick
  • Amy J. Sikalis
  • J. Michael Slocum
  • Dean O. Smith
  • Bruce W. Steinert
  • Martha F. Stephens
  • Janet A. Stoeckert
  • Cliff Studman
  • Kevin Titus
  • Cary Eaton Thomas
  • Nathan L. Vanderford
  • Renee J. Vaughan
  • Kathryn Watkins
  • John Westensee
  • Pamela B. Whitlock

Distinguished Faculty Emeritus

  • Nancy B. Bell
  • Madge J. Breslof
  • William H. Caskey
  • Lynne Chronister
  • Julie Cole
  • Joseph Cosico
  • Janet A. Dibb-Leigh
  • Stephanie Endy 
  • Jerry G. Fife
  • Edward F. Gabriele
  • Anthony Ganas
  • James Hanlon
  • Frances Jefferies
  • Cindy Kiel
  • Sharon Kiser
  • Pamela Krauser Vargas
  • Elliot C. Kulakowski
  • John T. Manns
  • Michael McCallister
  • Paula M. Means
  • David Mears
  • Phillip E. Myers
  • Paul Nacon
  • Camille Nebeker
  • Mildred H. Ofosu
  • Tony Onofrietti 
  • Daniel M. Oshiro
  • Michael Owen
  • Robert E. Porter
  • Russ Price
  • Timothy L. Quigg
  • Thomas Roberts 
  • Lawrie G. Robertson
  • Debra S. Schaller-Demers
  • William F. Schweri
  • Jennifer Shambrook 
  • Marie F. Smith
  • Jackie Solberg
  • Mary T. Spina
  • Philip V. Spina
  • Charlie Tardivo
  • Daniel R. Vasgird
  • Paul G. Waugaman
  • Karen M. Wilson
  • Dorothy C. Yates