Future of the Field

About Future of the Field

SRAI’s new Future of the Field program aims to highlight the ‘up-and-comers’ of Research Administration -- those who have demonstrated leadership among their peers and institutions in innovative ways that advance the field. These are the individuals who will drive Research Administration forward in the decades to come!

Applications are open until April 28, 2023.

Learn more about the application process

A special review Committee will convene to consider all submissions and recognition decisions will be communicated to all applicants in July. Individuals selected as Future of the Field recipients will be recognized at the 2023 SRAI Annual Meeting in Seattle, October 14-18.


If you have questions about the program, please email membership@srainternational.org

2021 Recipients

  • Zafar Akhtar
  • Doris Andujar
  • Lyndal Arceneaux
  • Katie Barens
  • Deborah Bergman
  • Trisha Brinton
  • Katherine Bui
  • Kate Carlin
  • Ella Christiansen
  • Stacy Conatser
  • Amy Cook
  • Theresa Couch
  • Linda Dement
  • Bella DiFranzo
  • David Furman
  • Tamara Gabrus
  • Cara Greenlee
  • Mary Harrison
  • Hannah Holloway
  • Marchon Jackson
  • Jerod Kersey
  • Mir Khan
  • Laura Kingsley
  • Andrea Koeber
  • Asmita Kumar
  • Jill Landrum
  • Kevin Lewellyn
  • Elijah Luebbe
  • Michael Marino
  • Tara McLaren
  • Cindy Morin
  • Kacey Nelkin Pedersen
  • Irene Phillip
  • Kimberly Pratt
  • Nicole Quartiero
  • Farrell Rapp
  • Jessica Rowell
  • Veronica Taylor
  • Jaylene Wehipeihana
  • Erin White
  • Baron Wolf