Committee Opportunities

SRAI Committees

SRAI's most important work is performed through committees, subcommittees and task forces comprised of volunteer SRAI members. Committees plan and oversee SRAI activities that affect education, membership, and marketing to name a few.

We encourage any interested SRAI members to join our committees. Please see the committee list below.

Please note that all SRAI committees are a one year appointment. There will be an open call for volunteers in September.

Annual Meeting Program Committee

The Program committee works on the development and selection of educational programs and key topics associated with SRA International's Annual Meeting. Call for volunteer interest takes place in the Fall prior to the Annual Meeting.

Annual Meeting Program Committee Positions

Appointments are made for the following positions:

Peer Reviewer

  • A peer reviewer reviews submissions and scores submitted proposals and abstracts.
  • Approximate time commitment: 4-6 hours per month. Busiest time is January - March.

Track Leaders

  • Three to four track leaders oversees and are responsible for the educational content of their assigned track.
  • A track leader reviews submissions, proposes sessions/workshops and identifies speakers as needed.
  • Approximate time commitment: one to four hours per month. Busiest time is January - March. Annual Meeting attendance preferred.

Thread Leaders

  • Threads assist members from the various fields and components in research administration to prepare for the Annual Meeting.
  • Thread leaders review the completed annual meeting program and identify sessions/workshops that apply to their thread.
  • Approximate time commitment: Three to six hours in May and June.

First Time Attendee Committee

  • Committee members organize activities and develop materials for first time SRAI meeting attendees and new members.
  • Approximate time commitment: Three to five hours per month in July - October. Annual Meeting attendance preferred.

Education and Professional Development Committee (EPDC)

The EPDC provides educational programming and support to respond to daily challenges and changes in the profession, while enhancing professional development for SRA International members. The EPDC is responsible for all aspects of SRA International’s educational and professional development programming.

Call for volunteers takes place in the Fall, however new volunteers are always welcome.

EPDC Committee Positions

Certificate Reviewers

  • Review and maintain the integrity and value of an SRA International certificate.
  • Certificate Leaders review programs, approve courses and identify speakers for certificates offered at SRA International Annual and Section Meetings.
  • Certificate Leaders establish and review the certificate’s goals and objectives and report to the EPDC if any changes in structure or content are recommended.
  • Certificate Leaders are confirmed by the Certificate Subcommittee.
  • They have a 3-year term which is renewable.
  • Approximate time commitment: Six to ten hours per program, reviews three programs a year.


  • Support the Chairs of SRAI Virtual Conferences. Participate in planning committee calls, identify speakers, and select topics. 

 Subject Matter includes:

  • Administration/Management 
  • Financial Management
  • Clinical and Translational Research 
  • Leadership/Professional Development
  • Pre-Award/Research Development
  • Research Contracts and Law 
  • Research Ethics and Compliance 

Certificate Subcommittee

  • Responsible for the review and oversight of the certificate programs and offerings.
  • This committee confirms certificate leaders and commences a review of three certificates in coordination with Certificate Leaders.
  • Approximate time commitment: Two to three hours per month, participate in monthly conference calls.

CPE Reviewer

  • SRA International is approved by the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) to offer CPE credit to accounting professionals.
  • CPE Reviewer reviews section and annual meeting programs and assigns subject matter areas to each course.
  • CPA required.
  • Approximate time commitment: Six to ten hours per program, reviews up to three programs a year.

Odyssey Mentoring Program

Volunteers needed to help review program applications (December) and match mentees and mentors, and to support Chair in development and analysis of program surveys and metrics.

Journal of Research Administration (JRA) Committee

The Journal of Research Administration is the premier academic, peer-reviewed publication in the field of research administration and management.

  • Participate in one conference call per month.
  • Help determine the focus and key topics covered for each issue of the JRA.
  • Assist with manuscript review for each issue of the JRA.
  • Work with the Editor-in-Chief and SRA staff on initiatives to further grow and develop JRA readership.
  • Assist in author recruitment efforts.

Approximate time commitment: One to three hours per month.

Catalyst Committee

The Catalyst is SRA International’s electronic newsletter. Be part of a team of dedicated members charged with ensuring SRAI's newsletter is filled with insights from subject matter experts in research administration and management. This includes the latest trends and hot topics in the field worldwide, best practices, educational and training opportunities and news & updates from NIH, NSF and supporting agencies. Catalyst committee members can expect to:

  • Participate in one conference call per month.
  • Work with SRAI staff to review submitted content.
  • Contribute to the creation of new content.
  • Assist in efforts to promote the Catalyst newsletter.

Approximate time commitment: Two to four hours per month.

The Catalyst committee has an open call for volunteers each year in September and the committee commitment is for one (1) year.

Join the SRAI Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is crucial to the operation of the society. The Board of Directors provides strategic guidance, direction and advice for the society as well as fiduciary oversight. Shape the future of our profession by joining the Board of Directors.


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