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My Home is My Castle...and My Cubicle? Part II

Last week, SRAI offered the panel discussion “My home is my castle…and my cubicle?”, providing strategies, structures, and best practices for teleworking as part of our collective response to conquer COVID-19. Thank you to all attendees for making this discussion a success! During this session we covered approaches to managing yourself, your team and maintaining efficient, effective communication.

At the request of our community, we are bringing the panelists back together to cover additional topics and take a deeper dive into some of the most frequently asked questions during the first discussion (you can view this session on-demand here). Our panelists will be answering new questions and addressing the most frequently asked questions from the last session, including the following hot topic concerns:

  • Strategies for staff and team development in remote environments
  • Onboarding new employees
  • Supporting team members struggling with teleworking
  • Deeper dive into HR topics and long term implication of COVID-19
  • Managing teleworking with kids and family

Attendance at the first panel discussion is not a prerequisite and be sure to ask your questions in advance by emailing

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eroberts_thumb.jpgEvan Roberts
Executive Director
SRA International


shenze.jpgSarah B. Henze
HR Consultant
TPO, Inc
pmiller_thumb.jpgPamela F. Miller, PhD
Executive Director
Sponsored Projects Office

University of California, Berkeley
avad_thumb.jpgAnnedorte Vad
Head of CBS Research Support Office
Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

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My Home is My Castle...and My Cubicle? Part II
Thursday, April 2 ǀ 1:00 pm ET

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