True Fit Training

Our "True Fit" Training Travels to You

Elevate your research team's capabilities with our exclusive "True Fit" Training, conveniently brought directly to your location. Our tailored programs are designed to precisely meet your organization's unique needs and goals, ensuring a seamless learning experience.
Experience the advantage of onsite training that is expertly crafted to align with your organization's objectives. Our sessions are led by seasoned SRAI subject-matter experts who bring unparalleled knowledge and insights tailored specifically for your team. With over 50 years of industry leadership and a global membership exceeding 5,000, SRAI offers unmatched quality in training and certification recognized worldwide.
Accelerate your staff's comprehension of research administration to minimize compliance errors, streamline processes, and unlock potential cost savings. Our certificate and training programs have empowered professionals from universities, nonprofit institutes, hospitals, government agencies, and small businesses. Opt for our cost-effective training solution to efficiently educate a large number of employees without the expense of travel and lodging.


Choose from our comprehensive training programs, covering essential areas such as:

  • Fundamentals of Research Administration
  • Pre- and Post-Award Administration
  • Grant Writing and Proposal Development
  • Negotiating Clinical Trial Agreements
  • Contracts and Subagreements
  • Research Integrity and Compliance
Let us customize a training plan that propels your organization forward and transforms your team into research administration experts.

To unlock the benefits of trainings that truly fit your needs, please email Evan Roberts, Executive Director, at