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Upcoming Intensive Training Programs

Summer Intensive Training Programs & Basics of Research Administration

July 15 - 16, 2019, New York, NY

  • Conducting Research in Hospitals - Hospitals and Healthcare System-based Research 
    This training program is for research administrator professionals who manage research, or have a role in managing research, in a hospital and/or healthcare system. The intensive program provides unique insight into research operations in these environments where research activities exist side by side with clinical operations and both have a focus to improve the lives of patients and populations served. 

  • Strategies for Successful Proposal Development 
    Successful proposal development is a multi-faceted process that requires coordination between principal investigators, funding agencies, and the institutional staff and infrastructure that makes it all come together.

July 15 - 17, 2019, New York, NY

  • Research Leadership Intensive  - SOLD OUT
    Research, technology and innovation are becoming ever more complex. Success requires vision and focused research management leadership. The Research Leadership Intensive training program explores theory, skills, strategies, and best practices for leading successfully in a research management environment.
  • Basics of Research Administration  - SOLD OUT

    Research administration is comprised of many facets. The purpose of this program is to provide participants with a broad overview of the various aspects involved in research administration. 

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Past Programs

Spring Intensive Training Programs & Departmental Administration

May 20 - 21, 2019, Miami, FL

  • Departmental Administration 
    This program will cover proposal development, sponsored projects administration, cost principles, account monitoring and reconciliation, closeout, and other topics that a departmental research administrator would need to know to help them manage their department.

  • Negotiating Industry Agreements: Strategies and Tactics for Your Negotiation Toolkit
    Industry and academia have two different roads on success. Industry succeeds by controlling and using knowledge as a benefit to its consumers, whereas academia succeeds from the open discovery and sharing of knowledge. Learn how to manage your roads to success in this training program. 

  • Post-Award Administration 
    This interactive training program will enable you to nimbly navigate the complexities of sponsored programs post-award requirements and will explore the research administrator's role at your institution and at others to learn alternate ways to be of service to the sponsor, institution and investigator.

  • How to Effectively Support High Quality Ethical Research
    As research administration professionals, our day-to-day responsibilities intersect with many research integrity/compliance issues, and most of us are not even aware of the implications. By attending this program, participants will be able to appropriately identify those issues and concerns within their own institution. 

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Basics of Research Administration

February 25 - 27, 2019, Austin, TX

Research administration is comprised of many facets. The purpose of this training program is to provide participants with a broad overview of the various aspects involved in research administration.

Winter Intensive Training Programs

February 25 - 26, 2019, Austin, TX

  • Change Leadership
    In this program, you will work with psychologist Stan Sack, PhD in leadership innovation to build YOUR core thinking and language skills for collaboration-leadership, coaching, reimagining “customer experience” with procedural and expense compliance activities, and improved process flow.

  • Contracts and Sub-agreements
    The purpose of this program is understanding grants, contracts and sub-agreements and developing best practices for administering those award mechanisms that are important concepts to consider when determining what awards to accept at your institution.

  • Make Your Research Entity Thrive by Championing Change
    This intensive program will identify and examine issues typical of transformational change efforts unique to research organizations and provide the learner with effective strategies for moving those initiatives forward. Areas of exploration in this training will include a full examination of the research functions performed in research environments, methods for conducting a holistic analysis of current research activity and measuring the capacity for growth in organizations, and direction on building a blueprint to optimize supporting infrastructure including IT and business systems.

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