Research Development Intensive - Program

Program Objective

The field of research administration is expansive with professionals in grant writing, budget development, contracts, compliance, financial management, clinical trials, etc. With almost any skillset you can find a niche in research administration. In this intensive training program, we are going to focus on the foundations of pre-award research administration. The pre-award aspect of our discipline is the launching point of any research program, so your role is vital to the research portfolio of your institution. So, let’s get you off to a solid start on your career path. Over the next couple of weeks, we will discuss organizational structures and their tie to how we carry out our work. We will also explore how to identify funding opportunities that enhance the mission of your principle investigator, department, or institution. Another key component of pre-award work is proposal and budget development, so we will breakdown the components of a grant application, and then we will tackle how to submit proposals. But, this intensive isn’t a cliff-hanger. We will wrap up the program discussing the next steps in graciously accepting reviewers’ comments or responding to an award notification. We will be using a number of interactive learning tools, so we encourage you to actively participate.

At the end of the course, participants will receive a total of 12 CEU credits. Participants will have access to 5 additional hours of webinars related to the intensive training.

Program Description

This six-week intensive program will offer strategies and practices for enhancing individual and institutional research capacity.  Topics will include an overview of research development as an institutional approach, strategic planning for institutional research development, organizational models and staffing, enhancing investigator capacity, strategies for team science and collaborative research, and identifying research development metrics to measure success. 

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this program, attendees will have learned to:

  • Identify at least three best practices in building institutional research development
  • Describe organizational models, staffing patterns and emerging trends in research development.
  • Apply research development strategies, planning and practices in your own institution.

    Intended Audience 

    This program is targeted at mid to senior level research administrators who are committed to enhancing and promoting research development strategies and services.  Whether in a department, college, or central administration, participants will receive detailed and practical information, strategies, and examples to illustrate the benefits of research development for individual researchers and institutional research activity and outcomes.  Research development helps to build long-term institutional capacity and foster individual investigators’ research success.

    Program Instructors

    Jose AlcaineJose G. Alcaine, PhD, MBA, CRA
    Director of Research Services
    Office of Research and Faculty Development
    Virginia Commonwealth University
    Marjorie PiechowskiMarjorie Piechowski, Ph.D.
    Emerita Director of Research Support
    College of Engineering & Applied Science
    University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

    Dhanonjoy SahaDhanonjoy C. Saha, PhD
    Director, Office of Grant Support
    Research Professor of Medicine
    Albert Einstein College of Medicine