LevelUP Micro-credentialing Program | Badges

LevelUP, Badge Up.
Share New Credentials the Minute You Earn Them with Digital Badges.

Showcase your accomplishments and professional skills with SRAI LevelUP Badges. For each module completed, you earn a micro-credential and a digital badge.  As you progress through the five levels of growth in the program, you gain experience, training, and expertise while attaining digital badges that can be publicly displayed on your signature line, LinkedIn profile and other social media outlets for easy viewing by your professional community, organization, and potential future employers. 

Requirements for each of the five levels are:

L1.pngLevel I
One completed module demonstrating basic knowledge of a career-relevant topic.
L2.pngLevel II
Three completed modules that represent a logical grouping of education.
L3.pngLevel III
Five completed modules that represent a foundation of expertise and complete a modest self-directed case study.
L4.pngLevel IV
Eight completed modules that represent excellence in multiple skill areas. 
L5.pngLevel V
Ten completed modules and a comprehensive case study that demonstrate skills in practice as a knowledge contributor to the research administration community.